Sunday, February 14, 2016

September 7, 2015 "It is so important to know the pure doctrine so that we don't teach something that is not 100% correct."

  hey family!!! at least the weather cooled down to 100°... when i tell people how hot it is there, they dont believe that it can get that hot... this week it was a lot more sunnier,, sunday afternoon it started to rain again.. but the summer is coming so it will start to warm up.. 
    funny story.. so tuesday the Zone leaders gave me a package that was for Elder HArdy in Calbuco to give tyo him thursday during the district meeting.. thursday morning we traveled to Puerto Montt in bus to go to the district meeting. we got off the bus and walked to the chapel where we would have hte meeting. when ELder HArdy got there he asked where was his package... then ELder Warner and i realized that we had lefted it on the bus..,., so we took off, caught a bus that went to the bus terminal, and got there just as the bus that had the package started to pull out,, it was really a miracle that we were able to catch the bus.. we got it to Elder Hardy safe and sound. also this week while we were walking, we passed a dogh taht always bark at us but never did anything, and he decieded to bite my leg.. luckly he only got my pant leg.. but i was not expecting it.. the only time that i didnt pay attention,,, ;)
    this week has been really awesome. there is a new neighborhood where there are a lot of people who moved into the town from the country, and we have been able to find a lot of new families. there is one family in particular. there is the mom, the dad, and the son (19).. we taught them the restoration and the son had a lot of questions. after talking about the first vision, my companion asked them, ¿how do you guys feel right now?.. they thought for a few seconds and they dad said "peaceful, it feels really peaceful right now." and the son said "yeah, it feels really good".. we were able to testify that it was the spirit testifying that what we said was true.. it was a great lesson. they were going to come to church and we went to pick them up., but they didnt answer, so we will pass by to see what happened. also yesterday like at 8:00pm. we were walking to visit a new family, but as we were walking down the street i had a "hunch" that we should knock a door. so we knocked the dorr and a young man answered. he said that he was atheist and didnt want a whole lot.. i cant remember clearly what happened after, but he let us in for a few minutes and we talked about the Book of Mormon. it was so awesome. we are going to visit him today at 4:00 during our pday because he is goingt ot work in the country for a week or so... i know that God has given us the Spirit to hlep us in our life. to help us know hte truth and to comfort us,..,, if we hear something and we feel the spirit, then it means that it is true. if not, then it means that it is not true,, i have realized that even if i say something that is not totally correctm teh spirit cannot testify to the people. that is why it is so important to know the pure doctrine so that we dont teach something that is not 100% correct, i love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder HUghes 

  Elder Warner and I a family gave us cake for our Birthdays. 

Chopping wood for a member

Finished filling my rice bag sent from home.

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