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September 28, 2015 "New companion, Elder Nelson from American Fork, Utah."

 Hey!!! so this week was a little crazy. also the weather changed from sunny to cloudy and rainy.. 
  so Wednesday we had transfers. Elder Warner (my old companion) went to Porvenir. it is by Puenta Arenas. i had to go to Osorno that morning like at 7:00am. we stayed the night in the house of other elders. My new companion is Elder Nelson. he is from American Fork, Utah. he just got here from the MTC in Mexico. so turns out that the day before something happened and he lost his suitcase. in the mission house, someone had left the gate and the garage open, and when Elder Nelson went out to the garage to find his suitcase, it wasnt there. so they think that someone came in and stole it..and on top of that it was his big suitcase that had all of his clothes in it and personal hygiene stuff. so we stayed in Osorno with the office Elders Wednesday night and thursday we did shopping to buy new things for Elder Nelson.. we are getting along great... So patricio and Margarita and Edgar are doing really well.. thursday night we help patricio learn how to read for a few minutes (he doesnt know how to read). then the mom told us of weird experiences that they have had recently... so we did a blessing of the house.. saturday we were going to stop by and teach them again.. but saturday they weren't there and as we were walking away we saw Edgar walking toward the house and he invited us in.. we were going to talk about the plan of salvation with them, but i felt that we should read 2 Nephi 31 with him (he was alone). we read it and had an awesome experience. verse 10..
And he said unto the children of men: Follow thou me.Wherefore, my beloved brethren, can wfollow Jesus save we shall bwilling to keep the commandments of theFather?

after reading this verse, we talked about keeping the commandment and Edgar told us how he wants to change his life and to follow Christ... he still is shooting for hte 24 october to be baptized. sunday. all three came to church,. we went to pick them up and they werent quite ready yet.. basically we were late for church as well..... but all three came. and they stayed for the classes afterwards as well. at  the end i asked Edgar What do you think? he said, "i feel the calmness and peace that you guys said would be here.." we are really happy with them and their progression.. Esteban and his family have been really busy and working a lot. but we found them and set an appointment  for Thursday. Esteban said that he has been reading the Book of Mormon every night.. !!! 
   i know that the church is true and that Jesus Christ is our savior!! i love being out here and being able to serve others and help them find the peace and happiness that is found through living the gospel.. i am so excited for General conference. all of you better be watching it!! love you guys and hope that you have an awesome week!! 

Elder Hughes
                                                                  My last district
 Elder  Nelsen, my new companion, with President and Sister Obeso at the mission home
 Showing Elder Nelsen our new area
 Stopping at a restaurant on our way home
A picture of the inside of the bus going back to Los Muermos

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