Sunday, February 14, 2016

September 21, 2015 " I have come to appreciate the living prophets and apostles that we have to guide us and help us understand and increase our faith in Jesus Christ."

Hey everyone!!! i heard that everyone is deciding to move out of Bunkerville.. this week here in Los Muermos has been sunny!!( finally) also i almost got bite two times this week by dogs.. sunday morning as we left our house to go to the Church, a dog shot out from under a truck and i honestly dont know how it didnt bite me becasue it honestly went under my legs. scare the living daylights out of me.. my heart jumped out of my chest. 
   this weekend (the 18 de Septiembre) was the independence day of Chile. (like the 4th of July in the US). during those holidays they make a lot of empanadas and a soup called casuela. and they have a lot of asados (barbeques). the 18 we had an activity in the church witht eh members and we had an asado. and ELder Warner and i tried to dance the national dance of Chile . the q├╝eka..  
    yesterday we visited Patricio, Margarita and Edgar. we had a really good lesson and at the end we invited them to be baptized 24 October. the parents had already been baptized and werent sure that they should be baptized again.. so we asked them if they wanted to know right now,.. they said yes, so we knelt down and all three (the dad the mom and Edgar) said a prayer and asked God if they should be baptized,, there was a feeling of calmness and peace that all could feel. it was an amazing experience. 
    we also found a family of 5. the son Esteban talked to us in the bus and we passed bty to visit him. he lives with his mom, two sisters (15 and 8 years old) and his uncle. at the beginning, the only ones listening were Esteban and his mom. his mom asked us why are there so many churches.. so we shared the restoration. and by the end, the mom, esteban, the 15 year old sister and uncle were all listening and participating. the spirit was present and testified of our words.. we were going to pass by again yesterday to visit them, but they were in the counrty with their family to celebrate the 18 de septiembre. hopefully we can find them agina this week. 
    so this week is cambios (transfers). we recieved a call from Presidente Obeso and he said that Elder Warner is going to Por Venir (near Punta Arenas ) as senior companion and i was going to stay in Los Muermos and Trian Elder Nelson from American Fork. i wil  have to go to Osorno wendsady to pick him up.. 
    this week i have been listening to conference talks and"It. i love listening and reading the words of the living prophets and for the love that God has for us. he and his son both speak today. i love the Gospel and the scriptures, i love my Savior and my Father en Heaven. i love my family so much. how blessed are we to have the fullness of the gospel. i love you guys so much and hope that you have a wonder ful week !!!

Elder Hughes  

The ward playing ping pong

pics of Hermano MArcos Toledo (the chef) during the asado.

The members during the activity

Jaun and Josilyn ( and the mom of Joselyn)


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