Sunday, February 14, 2016

October 5, 2015 " Hope you liked General Conference"

 hey guys.. I hope that you liked the General Conference (i hope you watched it) because i know that i loved it! one of my favorites was by Larry R Lawrence. honestly he answered a question that i have had for a while.. ¿How can i change my life more so that i do not have desire to do evil, but good continually? i realized that first i need the Holy Ghost always with me, and that i just need to ask God what i need to change to become better.. 
    so this week we have been focusing on inviting people to the General Conference because we know that watching the general conference will strengthen their testimony. we set up time to go and pick them up to go to general conference with us, but unfortunately, none of the investigators came;( when we stoped by, they either were not there or "were busy".. it was a little disappointing to work so hard to get people there, and to not have anyone show up.. but we didnt let that discourage us and we could enjoy the conference and feel the spirit testify to us the truth and give us inspirations. sunday night after the conference, we were going to visit a member family and eat dinner with them, but Elder Nelson and i wanted to visit some people before the day ended, so we set up another day to visit and we went to visit investigators.. no one was still home, so we decided to visit another member that Elder Nelson doesn't know, we shared a message with them, and turns out that they have a nephew that has listened to missionaries before but moved suddenly and lost contact. he is back in Los Muermos and we set an appointment to visit him Tuesday.. it was awesome to see that little miracle to end the week.. 
       i love this gospel and i know that the purpose of the Gospel is not to save us (because Christ did that) but it is to help us so that we will be comfortable in Gods presence. the gospel is to help us grow and ot become more like Jesus Christ and God. we must be obedient so that we do not get stuck in the trap of the evil one, to keep us safe.. i am grateful to have prophets and apostles to guide us and help us to know the will of God. i love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!!
Elder Hughes

ELder Nelson, i and our ward misison leader. we did service for a less active member to tape and plaster (i think its called that) the wall and them sand it down.. 

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