Sunday, February 14, 2016

October 26, 2016-Local members travel 14 hours on a bus to attend the Santiago Temple,

  hey guys!! Halloween is coming up quick.. send pics of your costumes.. here in Chile they kind of celebrate halloween. it is a new holiday and not a lot of people do it.. almost no one. 
  so tomorrow we will have our zone conference with president Obeso.. i am excited for that. this week has been a little difficult. we have walked a lot.. a lot of our appointments fell and no one answered their door or didnt want anything. but besides that we were able to find a few awesome people. friday night, (like at 9:30) we were walking back to our house and then we heard "hey where are you guys from?".. we looked back and saw three teenagers walking toward us and i thought "oh boy.. " we started talking and then one of them asked if we speak German. i pointed to my companion(because he know how to speak german.) and they kid started to talk in german and they began to converse.. so i started to talk to the other two kids and they walked with us toward our house. it was pretty cool to talk with them and break the ice with them.. we were not able to get their address, but hopefully we can find them again.. then yesterday we had nothing going on.. no one was home and we couldnt find any one.. so we said a prayer and the next person we talked to we could give him a book of mormon. it was a cool experience. 
   the members left Wednesday to go to the Temple and got back 40 minutes before sacrament meeting on sunday., and they all stayed.. they were all pretty tired from traveling in a 14 hour bus ride.!! they all had a wonderful experience and a family was sealed together. they shared their testimony and it was wonderful. 
    we have been trying to help out the family Vidal (patricio, margarita, and edgar). they stilled need to get married and stop smoking.. friday we passed by and Patricio has been really sick. we gave him a blessing of health and he told us how he wants to stop smoking. he has a desire to do it.. so we are going to make him a calender to set goals and have a scripture every day to read to help. right now in Chile, the registro civil (bascially the government offices) are in strike.. so they arent doing marriages right now. that is a big challenge for us as the misionaries and the investigators who arent married. we have to wait until that finishes to baptize those who arent married.. 
    i know that this Gospel is true and that Christ is our Savior. he is the light adn if we look to him we will live., he is the only way to happiness in this life and the life after. we must help those around us so that they can be happy and enjoy the blessings that God has for them and those that come throught obedince to the commandments... i know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the only church that is guided by Jesus Christ himself. i know it.. have an awesome week!!!    Love, Elder Hughes

Elder Hughes in front of his meeting house.

" A chilean cake called Kuchen."

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