Sunday, February 14, 2016

October 19, 2015 "This week was very interesting. Full of miracles and disappointments, ups and downs. And...a "normal" shower!"

 Buenos Días!!! sounds like everything is going well up there. i wish i could have been there for the Deer hunt. i have so many memories that i treasure from being together with my family and extended family. what beautiful moments. i hope that everyone enjoyed. 
  so this week was very interesting. full of miracles and disappointments, ups and downs.. for Elder Nelson and i, it wasn't not a very good week with lessons. we tried all we could. even had members accompany us to visit lots of people, but honestly. no one opened up or were "busy"... we haven't been able to find a lot of our investigators, or contacts. but at the same time we have seen a lot of miracles with the members. it seems as if overnight, they have changed and now have a desire to work more in their callings and fullfill their callings. members are doing their home teaching and visiting teaching. they are going on a temple trip this week and they are all excited.. the faith that they have to save money, sacrifice, sell things, in order to go to the temple. there are a lot of people who are going for the first time. a family that will be sealed. there are 35 members that are going and it is the most that have gone to the temple ever. they are all excited. alot of them have had missionary opportunities to share the gospel with friends and family. i am excited for the upcoming months and years. someday Little Los Muermos will be a strong hold for the church. 
   we finally got our shower fix.! a normal shower! also this week we fasted as a zone. and i dont know why, but it was the hardest that i have ever done. after church we had ward council and we were still fasting, my companion almost passed out honestly and i was close.. but we made it.. we saw the effect of the fast with the change of the members and their desires to help.. also crazy story, the dog of our "mamita" (where we eat lunch) got ran over last week and got paralyzed in the back legs.. as we went to lunch saturday, we saw a vet with a huge syringe and the dog at his legs.. we went inside the house and the daughter was in tears.. they had to put the dog down.. it was an interesting lunch.. 
    i know that the church is true... i know that Christ wants us to become like him.. i ponderized 3 nephi 9:20. the sacrifice of animals in the old testament was a symbol of the sacrifice that god did with his son Jesus Christ to us. now, our sacrifice (a broken heart and a contrite spirit) symbolized the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to his father.. we must be humble and do the will of the father and his son Jesus Christ. i know that if we do., we will be blessed with the companionship of the holy ghost.. which is one of the greatest gifts of God. i love you guys a lot.. have an awesome week. 

Elder Hughes

 A Chilean Sunset

                                                            Bread we made;)
                              Rice pudding that we actually turned out really good!

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