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October 12, 2015 "Homemade Sushi!"

 ¡Buenos Días! How have you guys been. sounds like the weather there is starting to cool down a little bit.. here it is starting to warm up a lot. this week was pretty sunny but today it started to rain.. today we had plans to visit a member who recentgly returned home from his mission last month and eat lunch with him and his family adn also do a little bit of service (they live in the campo [country] like 25 min away from Los Muermos) but his parents had to leave and werent going to be there, so we didnt go today.. 
    this week has been a little crazy. so we have an electric shower head that heats up the water so that we can shower. well, for about a month and a half it has not been working. so i have been showering with a pot full of warm water for hte past month and a half... we have tried to have poeple come and look at it, but no one has come.. hopefully we can get it fixed this week. i would like a nice normal shower.. also today as we were walking out of hte grocery store, a man walked up to us and asked for money to buy alcohol. i told him that we would be happy to buy him some bread to eat, but that we would not give him money to buy alcohol, he said no, i dont want any bread. so we said bye and started walking down the street. then man then called for us and said that he would take us up on our offer. so we went to a bakery and i bought him bread to eat.. it is so sad when we meet people who are so addicted to alcohol that it is the only thing that they want. it is their life.. Elder Nelson and i were happy that we could at least buy that breads for him..
     so Edgar and his parents are doing well. we found out that they are not married adn that Patricio (the dad) has a big smoking problem. so we are helping him to stop smoking.  we stopped by sunday morning to go to church with them and Patricio and Margarita came, but Edgar had been out all night and got back at his house at 5:00 in the morning.. so he didnt come. we had a very  spiritual testimony meeting. later that day we met up with Jaime, the nephew of members here. he had talked to missionaries a lot a year ago. we had a good discussion and at the end, Elder Nelson invited him to be baptized, Jaime told us that he didnt want to be pressured and want to take it "nice and easy". we tried to tell him the importance of goals, but he would change his opinion. siad htat he wanted to be more certain and sure before he made any goals. so i told him "fine, we wont give you a date, and we will be here to help you so that you can know for yourself. we want you to pray, read the BoM everyday, and go to church. are we in agreement?". he said that he would do it. so we will see how that goes.. We Ran into Edgar sunday after church and ask him how he is doing. we started to talk in the street and basically he told us of the problems that he is going through (remember that he is 19) i wont give details, but lets jsut say that he has some serious problems with other people... after we got done talking, my heart sank because of the saddness that i felt for him. the problems that he has becasue of things he had done in the past. he doesnt know what to do.. but honestluy it strengthened my testimony about keeping hte commandments, in this there is safety, in this there is peace. i know that the commandments are there to protect us and help us to be happy., if i say to a child not to touch the fire place when it is hot, is that a restriccion, or an act of love? if God tells us to not do something is it a restriccion, or an act of love? we have the blessing to have prophets to warn us of the dangers in this world. here is an artcle in the liahone octoner 2015. by henry b erying. When tensions ran high in northern Missouri, USA, in the fall of 1838, the Prophet Joseph Smith called for all the Saints to gather to Far West for protection. Many were on isolated farms or in scattered settlements. He specifically counseled Jacob Haun, founder of a small settlement called Haun’s Mill. A record of that time includes this: “Brother Joseph had sent word by Haun, who owned the mill, to inform the brethren who were living there to leave and come to Far West, but Mr. Haun did not deliver the message” (Philo Dibble, in “Early Scenes in Church History,” in Four Faith Promoting Classics [1968], 90). Later, the Prophet Joseph recorded in his history: “Up to this day God had given me wisdom to save the people who took counsel. None had ever been killed who [had abided] by my counsel” (History of the Church, 5:137). Then the Prophet recorded the sad truth that innocent lives could have been saved at Haun’s Mill had his counsel been received and followed.

i love you guys so much.. may we study the word of the prophets both ancient and modern and i know that we will be blessed.. maybe we may say to ourselves, why did GOd let this happen to me? why did a loved one die? may we abide the counsel of hte prophets today so that we wont have to pay the price. have a wonderful week 

Love, Elder Hughes

Fransisco and Macarena (we ate with them yesterday and they made sushi!!!) 

pic of sushi, noemal and fried.

 pastat that Elder Nelson made.. 

bread that we made!!!

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