Sunday, February 14, 2016

October 26, 2016-Local members travel 14 hours on a bus to attend the Santiago Temple,

  hey guys!! Halloween is coming up quick.. send pics of your costumes.. here in Chile they kind of celebrate halloween. it is a new holiday and not a lot of people do it.. almost no one. 
  so tomorrow we will have our zone conference with president Obeso.. i am excited for that. this week has been a little difficult. we have walked a lot.. a lot of our appointments fell and no one answered their door or didnt want anything. but besides that we were able to find a few awesome people. friday night, (like at 9:30) we were walking back to our house and then we heard "hey where are you guys from?".. we looked back and saw three teenagers walking toward us and i thought "oh boy.. " we started talking and then one of them asked if we speak German. i pointed to my companion(because he know how to speak german.) and they kid started to talk in german and they began to converse.. so i started to talk to the other two kids and they walked with us toward our house. it was pretty cool to talk with them and break the ice with them.. we were not able to get their address, but hopefully we can find them again.. then yesterday we had nothing going on.. no one was home and we couldnt find any one.. so we said a prayer and the next person we talked to we could give him a book of mormon. it was a cool experience. 
   the members left Wednesday to go to the Temple and got back 40 minutes before sacrament meeting on sunday., and they all stayed.. they were all pretty tired from traveling in a 14 hour bus ride.!! they all had a wonderful experience and a family was sealed together. they shared their testimony and it was wonderful. 
    we have been trying to help out the family Vidal (patricio, margarita, and edgar). they stilled need to get married and stop smoking.. friday we passed by and Patricio has been really sick. we gave him a blessing of health and he told us how he wants to stop smoking. he has a desire to do it.. so we are going to make him a calender to set goals and have a scripture every day to read to help. right now in Chile, the registro civil (bascially the government offices) are in strike.. so they arent doing marriages right now. that is a big challenge for us as the misionaries and the investigators who arent married. we have to wait until that finishes to baptize those who arent married.. 
    i know that this Gospel is true and that Christ is our Savior. he is the light adn if we look to him we will live., he is the only way to happiness in this life and the life after. we must help those around us so that they can be happy and enjoy the blessings that God has for them and those that come throught obedince to the commandments... i know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the only church that is guided by Jesus Christ himself. i know it.. have an awesome week!!!    Love, Elder Hughes

Elder Hughes in front of his meeting house.

" A chilean cake called Kuchen."

October 19, 2015 "This week was very interesting. Full of miracles and disappointments, ups and downs. And...a "normal" shower!"

 Buenos Días!!! sounds like everything is going well up there. i wish i could have been there for the Deer hunt. i have so many memories that i treasure from being together with my family and extended family. what beautiful moments. i hope that everyone enjoyed. 
  so this week was very interesting. full of miracles and disappointments, ups and downs.. for Elder Nelson and i, it wasn't not a very good week with lessons. we tried all we could. even had members accompany us to visit lots of people, but honestly. no one opened up or were "busy"... we haven't been able to find a lot of our investigators, or contacts. but at the same time we have seen a lot of miracles with the members. it seems as if overnight, they have changed and now have a desire to work more in their callings and fullfill their callings. members are doing their home teaching and visiting teaching. they are going on a temple trip this week and they are all excited.. the faith that they have to save money, sacrifice, sell things, in order to go to the temple. there are a lot of people who are going for the first time. a family that will be sealed. there are 35 members that are going and it is the most that have gone to the temple ever. they are all excited. alot of them have had missionary opportunities to share the gospel with friends and family. i am excited for the upcoming months and years. someday Little Los Muermos will be a strong hold for the church. 
   we finally got our shower fix.! a normal shower! also this week we fasted as a zone. and i dont know why, but it was the hardest that i have ever done. after church we had ward council and we were still fasting, my companion almost passed out honestly and i was close.. but we made it.. we saw the effect of the fast with the change of the members and their desires to help.. also crazy story, the dog of our "mamita" (where we eat lunch) got ran over last week and got paralyzed in the back legs.. as we went to lunch saturday, we saw a vet with a huge syringe and the dog at his legs.. we went inside the house and the daughter was in tears.. they had to put the dog down.. it was an interesting lunch.. 
    i know that the church is true... i know that Christ wants us to become like him.. i ponderized 3 nephi 9:20. the sacrifice of animals in the old testament was a symbol of the sacrifice that god did with his son Jesus Christ to us. now, our sacrifice (a broken heart and a contrite spirit) symbolized the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to his father.. we must be humble and do the will of the father and his son Jesus Christ. i know that if we do., we will be blessed with the companionship of the holy ghost.. which is one of the greatest gifts of God. i love you guys a lot.. have an awesome week. 

Elder Hughes

 A Chilean Sunset

                                                            Bread we made;)
                              Rice pudding that we actually turned out really good!

October 12, 2015 "Homemade Sushi!"

 ¡Buenos Días! How have you guys been. sounds like the weather there is starting to cool down a little bit.. here it is starting to warm up a lot. this week was pretty sunny but today it started to rain.. today we had plans to visit a member who recentgly returned home from his mission last month and eat lunch with him and his family adn also do a little bit of service (they live in the campo [country] like 25 min away from Los Muermos) but his parents had to leave and werent going to be there, so we didnt go today.. 
    this week has been a little crazy. so we have an electric shower head that heats up the water so that we can shower. well, for about a month and a half it has not been working. so i have been showering with a pot full of warm water for hte past month and a half... we have tried to have poeple come and look at it, but no one has come.. hopefully we can get it fixed this week. i would like a nice normal shower.. also today as we were walking out of hte grocery store, a man walked up to us and asked for money to buy alcohol. i told him that we would be happy to buy him some bread to eat, but that we would not give him money to buy alcohol, he said no, i dont want any bread. so we said bye and started walking down the street. then man then called for us and said that he would take us up on our offer. so we went to a bakery and i bought him bread to eat.. it is so sad when we meet people who are so addicted to alcohol that it is the only thing that they want. it is their life.. Elder Nelson and i were happy that we could at least buy that breads for him..
     so Edgar and his parents are doing well. we found out that they are not married adn that Patricio (the dad) has a big smoking problem. so we are helping him to stop smoking.  we stopped by sunday morning to go to church with them and Patricio and Margarita came, but Edgar had been out all night and got back at his house at 5:00 in the morning.. so he didnt come. we had a very  spiritual testimony meeting. later that day we met up with Jaime, the nephew of members here. he had talked to missionaries a lot a year ago. we had a good discussion and at the end, Elder Nelson invited him to be baptized, Jaime told us that he didnt want to be pressured and want to take it "nice and easy". we tried to tell him the importance of goals, but he would change his opinion. siad htat he wanted to be more certain and sure before he made any goals. so i told him "fine, we wont give you a date, and we will be here to help you so that you can know for yourself. we want you to pray, read the BoM everyday, and go to church. are we in agreement?". he said that he would do it. so we will see how that goes.. We Ran into Edgar sunday after church and ask him how he is doing. we started to talk in the street and basically he told us of the problems that he is going through (remember that he is 19) i wont give details, but lets jsut say that he has some serious problems with other people... after we got done talking, my heart sank because of the saddness that i felt for him. the problems that he has becasue of things he had done in the past. he doesnt know what to do.. but honestluy it strengthened my testimony about keeping hte commandments, in this there is safety, in this there is peace. i know that the commandments are there to protect us and help us to be happy., if i say to a child not to touch the fire place when it is hot, is that a restriccion, or an act of love? if God tells us to not do something is it a restriccion, or an act of love? we have the blessing to have prophets to warn us of the dangers in this world. here is an artcle in the liahone octoner 2015. by henry b erying. When tensions ran high in northern Missouri, USA, in the fall of 1838, the Prophet Joseph Smith called for all the Saints to gather to Far West for protection. Many were on isolated farms or in scattered settlements. He specifically counseled Jacob Haun, founder of a small settlement called Haun’s Mill. A record of that time includes this: “Brother Joseph had sent word by Haun, who owned the mill, to inform the brethren who were living there to leave and come to Far West, but Mr. Haun did not deliver the message” (Philo Dibble, in “Early Scenes in Church History,” in Four Faith Promoting Classics [1968], 90). Later, the Prophet Joseph recorded in his history: “Up to this day God had given me wisdom to save the people who took counsel. None had ever been killed who [had abided] by my counsel” (History of the Church, 5:137). Then the Prophet recorded the sad truth that innocent lives could have been saved at Haun’s Mill had his counsel been received and followed.

i love you guys so much.. may we study the word of the prophets both ancient and modern and i know that we will be blessed.. maybe we may say to ourselves, why did GOd let this happen to me? why did a loved one die? may we abide the counsel of hte prophets today so that we wont have to pay the price. have a wonderful week 

Love, Elder Hughes

Fransisco and Macarena (we ate with them yesterday and they made sushi!!!) 

pic of sushi, noemal and fried.

 pastat that Elder Nelson made.. 

bread that we made!!!

October 5, 2015 " Hope you liked General Conference"

 hey guys.. I hope that you liked the General Conference (i hope you watched it) because i know that i loved it! one of my favorites was by Larry R Lawrence. honestly he answered a question that i have had for a while.. ¿How can i change my life more so that i do not have desire to do evil, but good continually? i realized that first i need the Holy Ghost always with me, and that i just need to ask God what i need to change to become better.. 
    so this week we have been focusing on inviting people to the General Conference because we know that watching the general conference will strengthen their testimony. we set up time to go and pick them up to go to general conference with us, but unfortunately, none of the investigators came;( when we stoped by, they either were not there or "were busy".. it was a little disappointing to work so hard to get people there, and to not have anyone show up.. but we didnt let that discourage us and we could enjoy the conference and feel the spirit testify to us the truth and give us inspirations. sunday night after the conference, we were going to visit a member family and eat dinner with them, but Elder Nelson and i wanted to visit some people before the day ended, so we set up another day to visit and we went to visit investigators.. no one was still home, so we decided to visit another member that Elder Nelson doesn't know, we shared a message with them, and turns out that they have a nephew that has listened to missionaries before but moved suddenly and lost contact. he is back in Los Muermos and we set an appointment to visit him Tuesday.. it was awesome to see that little miracle to end the week.. 
       i love this gospel and i know that the purpose of the Gospel is not to save us (because Christ did that) but it is to help us so that we will be comfortable in Gods presence. the gospel is to help us grow and ot become more like Jesus Christ and God. we must be obedient so that we do not get stuck in the trap of the evil one, to keep us safe.. i am grateful to have prophets and apostles to guide us and help us to know the will of God. i love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!!
Elder Hughes

ELder Nelson, i and our ward misison leader. we did service for a less active member to tape and plaster (i think its called that) the wall and them sand it down.. 

September 28, 2015 "New companion, Elder Nelson from American Fork, Utah."

 Hey!!! so this week was a little crazy. also the weather changed from sunny to cloudy and rainy.. 
  so Wednesday we had transfers. Elder Warner (my old companion) went to Porvenir. it is by Puenta Arenas. i had to go to Osorno that morning like at 7:00am. we stayed the night in the house of other elders. My new companion is Elder Nelson. he is from American Fork, Utah. he just got here from the MTC in Mexico. so turns out that the day before something happened and he lost his suitcase. in the mission house, someone had left the gate and the garage open, and when Elder Nelson went out to the garage to find his suitcase, it wasnt there. so they think that someone came in and stole it..and on top of that it was his big suitcase that had all of his clothes in it and personal hygiene stuff. so we stayed in Osorno with the office Elders Wednesday night and thursday we did shopping to buy new things for Elder Nelson.. we are getting along great... So patricio and Margarita and Edgar are doing really well.. thursday night we help patricio learn how to read for a few minutes (he doesnt know how to read). then the mom told us of weird experiences that they have had recently... so we did a blessing of the house.. saturday we were going to stop by and teach them again.. but saturday they weren't there and as we were walking away we saw Edgar walking toward the house and he invited us in.. we were going to talk about the plan of salvation with them, but i felt that we should read 2 Nephi 31 with him (he was alone). we read it and had an awesome experience. verse 10..
And he said unto the children of men: Follow thou me.Wherefore, my beloved brethren, can wfollow Jesus save we shall bwilling to keep the commandments of theFather?

after reading this verse, we talked about keeping the commandment and Edgar told us how he wants to change his life and to follow Christ... he still is shooting for hte 24 october to be baptized. sunday. all three came to church,. we went to pick them up and they werent quite ready yet.. basically we were late for church as well..... but all three came. and they stayed for the classes afterwards as well. at  the end i asked Edgar What do you think? he said, "i feel the calmness and peace that you guys said would be here.." we are really happy with them and their progression.. Esteban and his family have been really busy and working a lot. but we found them and set an appointment  for Thursday. Esteban said that he has been reading the Book of Mormon every night.. !!! 
   i know that the church is true and that Jesus Christ is our savior!! i love being out here and being able to serve others and help them find the peace and happiness that is found through living the gospel.. i am so excited for General conference. all of you better be watching it!! love you guys and hope that you have an awesome week!! 

Elder Hughes
                                                                  My last district
 Elder  Nelsen, my new companion, with President and Sister Obeso at the mission home
 Showing Elder Nelsen our new area
 Stopping at a restaurant on our way home
A picture of the inside of the bus going back to Los Muermos

September 21, 2015 " I have come to appreciate the living prophets and apostles that we have to guide us and help us understand and increase our faith in Jesus Christ."

Hey everyone!!! i heard that everyone is deciding to move out of Bunkerville.. this week here in Los Muermos has been sunny!!( finally) also i almost got bite two times this week by dogs.. sunday morning as we left our house to go to the Church, a dog shot out from under a truck and i honestly dont know how it didnt bite me becasue it honestly went under my legs. scare the living daylights out of me.. my heart jumped out of my chest. 
   this weekend (the 18 de Septiembre) was the independence day of Chile. (like the 4th of July in the US). during those holidays they make a lot of empanadas and a soup called casuela. and they have a lot of asados (barbeques). the 18 we had an activity in the church witht eh members and we had an asado. and ELder Warner and i tried to dance the national dance of Chile . the qüeka..  
    yesterday we visited Patricio, Margarita and Edgar. we had a really good lesson and at the end we invited them to be baptized 24 October. the parents had already been baptized and werent sure that they should be baptized again.. so we asked them if they wanted to know right now,.. they said yes, so we knelt down and all three (the dad the mom and Edgar) said a prayer and asked God if they should be baptized,, there was a feeling of calmness and peace that all could feel. it was an amazing experience. 
    we also found a family of 5. the son Esteban talked to us in the bus and we passed bty to visit him. he lives with his mom, two sisters (15 and 8 years old) and his uncle. at the beginning, the only ones listening were Esteban and his mom. his mom asked us why are there so many churches.. so we shared the restoration. and by the end, the mom, esteban, the 15 year old sister and uncle were all listening and participating. the spirit was present and testified of our words.. we were going to pass by again yesterday to visit them, but they were in the counrty with their family to celebrate the 18 de septiembre. hopefully we can find them agina this week. 
    so this week is cambios (transfers). we recieved a call from Presidente Obeso and he said that Elder Warner is going to Por Venir (near Punta Arenas ) as senior companion and i was going to stay in Los Muermos and Trian Elder Nelson from American Fork. i wil  have to go to Osorno wendsady to pick him up.. 
    this week i have been listening to conference talks and"It. i love listening and reading the words of the living prophets and for the love that God has for us. he and his son both speak today. i love the Gospel and the scriptures, i love my Savior and my Father en Heaven. i love my family so much. how blessed are we to have the fullness of the gospel. i love you guys so much and hope that you have a wonder ful week !!!

Elder Hughes  

The ward playing ping pong

pics of Hermano MArcos Toledo (the chef) during the asado.

The members during the activity

Jaun and Josilyn ( and the mom of Joselyn)


September 14, 2015 ' "His Grace is Sufficient"

 Sounds like the area conference was really good... wish i could have listened to it... the words of the apostles and prophets really help and strengthen us. they help to guide us in this difficult journey and to help us remember our duties and responsibilities as members of the Church of Jesus Christ,l
   this week we had a family come to church,, their names are Margarita (mom) and Patricio (dad). their son Edgar (19 years) was going to come but when we went to pick them up, they said that edgar had gone out at night and had not gotten back,,,,, but Patricio and Margarita still came.. turns out that Margarita has a lot of brothers and sisters that are members, but they are in active.. wednesday and Thursday we had intercambios with the zone leaders. saturday we visit Juan (juan and Joselin) but Joselin wasnt there, we havent stopped by for a while because they were not progressing. we talked with juan and showed him a mormon message. then he told us of how him and joselin have been fighting a lot. he siad that the only reason that they are still togerther is for their two daughters (they are not married). we talked of prayer and how he can receive help through prayer, he was a little reluctant.. we also gave him a blessing of comfort and strength to help him have patience with Joselin adn to have the valor  and humility to pray to God.. it was so awesome, we said a prayer kneeling down before we left and it was so powerful.. hopefully he can humble himself and let God help him in his life.,, 
    i know that the Atonement is real. the branch president called me saturday night at 9:00pm and asked me to give a talk... i talked about the Atonement based on the talks by Brad Wilcox(liahona august 2013) and "the gift of Grace" by Dieter F.Uchtdorf (conference april 2015.).. we all fall short of the presence of God and we cannot overcome the consequence of sin without the Atonement. i know thAT Christ suffered for us because he loves us and wants us to be able to become like him and our father. we must keep the commandments so that we can progress and learn,,. we must keep the commandments of god because we love him and we want to say thanks for his atonement.. i love you guys and i hope you have a great week!!
Love, Elder Hughes

Elder Warner and I in our apartment, with his birthday banner that finally arrived.  Elder Warner went to school with the son of President and Sister Lewis' son (Tylers mission President)

September 7, 2015 "It is so important to know the pure doctrine so that we don't teach something that is not 100% correct."

  hey family!!! at least the weather cooled down to 100°... when i tell people how hot it is there, they dont believe that it can get that hot... this week it was a lot more sunnier,, sunday afternoon it started to rain again.. but the summer is coming so it will start to warm up.. 
    funny story.. so tuesday the Zone leaders gave me a package that was for Elder HArdy in Calbuco to give tyo him thursday during the district meeting.. thursday morning we traveled to Puerto Montt in bus to go to the district meeting. we got off the bus and walked to the chapel where we would have hte meeting. when ELder HArdy got there he asked where was his package... then ELder Warner and i realized that we had lefted it on the bus..,., so we took off, caught a bus that went to the bus terminal, and got there just as the bus that had the package started to pull out,, it was really a miracle that we were able to catch the bus.. we got it to Elder Hardy safe and sound. also this week while we were walking, we passed a dogh taht always bark at us but never did anything, and he decieded to bite my leg.. luckly he only got my pant leg.. but i was not expecting it.. the only time that i didnt pay attention,,, ;)
    this week has been really awesome. there is a new neighborhood where there are a lot of people who moved into the town from the country, and we have been able to find a lot of new families. there is one family in particular. there is the mom, the dad, and the son (19).. we taught them the restoration and the son had a lot of questions. after talking about the first vision, my companion asked them, ¿how do you guys feel right now?.. they thought for a few seconds and they dad said "peaceful, it feels really peaceful right now." and the son said "yeah, it feels really good".. we were able to testify that it was the spirit testifying that what we said was true.. it was a great lesson. they were going to come to church and we went to pick them up., but they didnt answer, so we will pass by to see what happened. also yesterday like at 8:00pm. we were walking to visit a new family, but as we were walking down the street i had a "hunch" that we should knock a door. so we knocked the dorr and a young man answered. he said that he was atheist and didnt want a whole lot.. i cant remember clearly what happened after, but he let us in for a few minutes and we talked about the Book of Mormon. it was so awesome. we are going to visit him today at 4:00 during our pday because he is goingt ot work in the country for a week or so... i know that God has given us the Spirit to hlep us in our life. to help us know hte truth and to comfort us,..,, if we hear something and we feel the spirit, then it means that it is true. if not, then it means that it is not true,, i have realized that even if i say something that is not totally correctm teh spirit cannot testify to the people. that is why it is so important to know the pure doctrine so that we dont teach something that is not 100% correct, i love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!

Elder HUghes 

  Elder Warner and I a family gave us cake for our Birthdays. 

Chopping wood for a member

Finished filling my rice bag sent from home.