Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 17, 2015 " This week the days have been either really beautiful or really rainy... and freezing. Shoveling gravel, and finding wood for an investigator."

   So congrats to those who are coming to an end of their summer vacation. Have a great last week ;) 
    So this week the days have been either really beautiful or really rainy... and freezing. We have had a lot of meetings this week and when we have meetings, we have to go to Puerto Montt, which is an hour away in bus.. 
    One of our investigators, Mirta, has had a hard time, economically. She didn't have any wood left and wasn't going to receive money until the 9 of September. So she didn't have any way to heat her house or cook (image it like if we went to the cabin during the winter and we didn't have any wood, without snow because there is no snow here). So we had a good discussion outside the house because we couldn't enter with her alone, and we shared a few scriptures. Then the next day we talked with our ward mission leader. He and his dad donated some wood for her to use. She really appreciated it. As well we were grateful to the member and his dad for the donacion. Then, friday night all our appointments fell through, and as we turned the corner, we found Guillermo (one of our investigators). He had a huge pile of gravel that he had to move to the back of his house. So we jumped in and helped him... lets just say that I have not used a shovel for a long time and Sunday morning I was sore. And on top of that, it rained like crazy. We got to the house tired and soaking wet. Saturday we found a new investigator that is really receptive. Her name is Susana. we shared about the restoration and had an amazing lesson. Sunday we had a lesson with Guillermo.. he basically told us that he is catholic and that he wont be baptized in our church. We invited him to keep reading the Book of Mormon and to pray and ask God if it is true... it is sad to see people when the don't want to change and when the don't give us a chance to share what we treasure.. 
    I love being here in the mission. regardless of the rain, the rejection, the tiredness, etc. I know that I have been called of God and that he wants me to succeed. and that he will help me. I love you guys so much and I hope that everything goes well.. 

With Love, 
 Elder Hughes

 "My old district.. Elder Ackerman (short blond).. Elder Hardy and Elder Warner(red head.)

"Picture of Los Muermos"

"A Chilean sunrise, doesnt occur until about 10:00 am."
"Volcanoes in the distance"

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