Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 29, 2015 "Saying goodbye to the Saints in Puenta Arenas"

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I hope you had an awesome birthday. 
  Well this week has been really awesome. The snow melted from the last weekend, but saturday and sunday it rained and snowed and there was tons of wind. About 110 km/hour!! the rain was like little rocks hitting our face with the wind.. but thats the missionary life.. 
  So this week we have transfers. I am going to Entre Lagos (near Osorno) again with Elder Alburnoz. I dont know him so we will see what happens. I will fly out of Puenta Arenas Miercoles (Wednesday) at 1:30.. Elder Muñoz is going to La Union with an Elder Warner.
  We have been able to stop by and teach the family Quilaqueo and we had an awesome lesson. They are doing well. Slowly progressing. Some day they will be baptized. But they just are not ready yet.. 
   This week we had interviews with the president. Wednesday in the morning we went to the chapel and watched the new movie "Meet the Mormons" (well for us here in Puenta Arenas and in spanish it is new for us,) it was an awesome movie.. if you havent seen it, WATCH IT!! then the Assistants to the  president gave us shots for something (i really dont know what for, the do it every year in june. ) then we had our interviews with the president. will we waited for our turn,. the Assistants gave us a little presentation to help us better our teaching.. it was really good and I learned alot about being more prepared to teach, then the rest of the week has been a lot of running around getting our sector ready to leave it to the sister missionaries. And alot of the members have been wanting to say good bye to us and give us food.. (seriously, the members have given us tons of food,) today we had a barbeque with the family Quilaqueo.. we stopped by and they had a bunch of meat and food ready.. it has been hard to say good bye to the people. this sector has been good to us and the members are really awesome.. I am going to miss them..  also today we played basketball with other missionaries... 
    I wish you all a happy fourth of July.. have an awesome week !!!! 

With love,
Elder Hughes

 "Elder Muñoz with the flag of Argentina and chile." 

"Family Luengo"



"Brito Family"

"A Gift from Family Brito"

"Family Quilaqueo"


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