Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 "Transferred to Entre Lagos."

  So another transfer. Now I am in Entre Lagos which is near Osorno. Actually I was there for three days but we had an emergency transfer. It was when I was with Elder Dolinar and I had just left Elder Johnson. And I went to Rio Negro instead. So I came back. here there is a branch. About 13 people asisted last sunday. So there is not a lot of members.. that assist.  There are about 300 members, but about 20 are active. So we have a lot of work to do... but iI am excited to be here. My companion is Elder Albornoz. He is from Centerville, Utah. actually his parents are Chileanos, but moved to the US. We are getting along really well. 
   So monday after we had said bye to some of the members we were suppose to have a meeting with the sister missionaries and the ward mission leader, but it turned out to be a suprise party a  and hermana that is called Patricia did it for us as well as the ward mission leader. There were almost all the members there and it was so nice. Actually what they did is that Chile was playing in the copa america and that is basically like the playoffs in football, for us. So they threw and activity were the members watched the game and they did it like a good bye party for us. so we said bye and ate a little bit and left while they watched the game. so that is why there is all teh flags and decorations. Tuesday we had a district meeting and Puerto Natales had to stay over because they had transfers as well. Wednesday in the morning we got to the airport at 1:00pm. I saw Elder Kvartfordt there. because he was going to Puenta Arenas while I was leaving. he was the Elder who flew with me from Las Vegas to Mexico. By 6:30 pm I got to Osorno where my companion was and we took another bus to Entre Lagos. So it was a crazy trip. 
     Sunday we had an awesome experience. We were fasting for a lot of things but specifically so that we could find another family to teach. Around 7:30 it was raining like crazy.. I am not joking like crazy.  I  forgot how much it rains here in the north during the winter. And no one had answered their door or let us in. and a lesson that we had fell. so we were in the middle of the street soaking wet and I got the feeling that we should knock a door.. i looked around to see which one we could knock. and I saw one.. I prayed and asked if we should knock the door. I felt good about it so we knocked it. A lady answered the door, and let us enter. We didnt have much time because they were about to eat. so we converse quickly and were able to set an appoinment next sunday to meet with them again. ( the husband works all week so the only day available was sunday.) it is a mom, dad, and two little kids.. We were so happy that God answered to our fast and helped guide us to this family. in Entre Lagos it is tiny and there are not a lot of members (for example I had to teach the class in priesthood..) and we are the secretaries of the branch as well.... but i am excited to be here and it will be an awesome transfer.. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week.
Love, Elder Hughes

"The surprise party with my ward."

"Sandra and her daughter"

"Me with the bishop and his wife."

"Ana, an investigator that we found recently.."

"Manuel, another member."

" Hna Rosalina that was our mamita (the member that gave us our lunch each day )"

"Sebastian Luengo.. a member."

 "Pictures of Southern Chile I took during my
 flight back up North to Entre Lagos."

"Puerto Monte"

'Pictures of Entre Lagos"

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