Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 " Lots of rain, getting settled into Los Muermos, and having my specific prayers bring specific blessings."

 So the weather was a little crazy this week. We have had nonstop rain for the past week. My shoes have been soaking wet and there is a lot of water. Being in punta arenas I forgot how much it rains up here in the north.. 
   So monday Elder Warner and I finished up cleaning the house. The Elders before didnt have a lot of investigators and the only two that they had, one lives outside the city and the other, they didnt leave an address or a phone number on her teaching record and they had no info whatsoever... so we have been doing a lot of contacts this week to try and find more people. luckily we were able to find one of them. Her name is Mirta. We were able to find her yesterday and we are going to talk to her again on Wednesday. The members here are really nice and have helped us a lot. Yesterday (sunday) I had to teach the sunday school class and played the piano.. there are about 40 people that come every week. We meet in a house  (next week I will send a  pic). Saturday we had an awesome experience. We had fasted thursday and friday and our district (an elder from my group) gave us the idea of setting an exact goal with the lord and then go and complete it. So we set a goal of how many people we were going to contact, We prayed and we set out to find them. We left at 300 and it was raining, and it kept raining until sunday morning. At about 8:30, we decided to knock on a door, We had almost completed with our goal.. and a guy (juan) answered. He told us to come in and as we stepped in we heard his "girlfriend" (joselin) say why did you let them in or something like that. We started talking and Juan told Joselin to come and sit down. She said, I am not mormon.. so we started talking with Juan and turns out that he is member and hasnt been to church for years., As we were talking Joselin came and sat down. They have two girls. One that is 4 and 1. The 4 year old was crying and I gave her a pic of the Salt Lake Temple. Joselin asked us about it and we talked about that. She really liked it, but we asked them if they would like to be together as a family forever.  They said no.. because they might separate and they dont want to be committed..or something like that... I was like. you have got to be kidding me.. but we had a good discussion and we set another appointment for the next sat. he works a lot so we will stop by sat. And he has had a bad experience with missionaries passing by everyday right at the time when he was trying to get ready for work. So we dont want to push him right now. But is was awesome to find that family and to see that god answered our prayer., specific prayers bring specific blessings. il ove you all and i know that the church is true and I love being on the mission. I am not perfect, but I have learned so much and I have changed a lot too. Love you! Have a great week!!!
Elder Hughes 

"Some of my old companions, at  zone conference."

"A Picture of our house in Los Muermos."

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