Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 13, 2015 "Reactivating in Entre Lagos, and speaking in ASL!"

Hola Familia!! ¿còmo han estado? 
 So this past week was pretty cold.. every morning when we woke up there was frost on the ground.. (it is really humid there, we are right next to a lake) so cool story... we contacted a lady in the street and it turns out that she was deaf.. so I talked to her in sign language!!! sort of... I tried to talk with the little that I remembered and also the sign language here is a little different... but at the end we were able to give her a pass a long card.. 
   This week one of the investigators has had a lot of problems and he told us that he does not have time for us to pass by right now.. but we are going to try and pass by for a minute to say hi and tell him that we are thinking of him so that he doesnt feel alone. This week ELder Albornoz and I realized something. That it is hard to get a less active member to go to the church not just on Sunday but on any regular day. We have a less active family that we have been working with and we wanted to meet with them in the chapel (well it is more like a house, I will send pics next week) so that we could feel the spirit a little more.. but everytime when we try to set up an appointment, they cant come... but we will just keep trying. 
"Entre Lagos, one of the lakes"

"The Empanada's we ate"
    So this sunday was a little crazy!! So thursday night the branch president
asked if I could give a talk. I also played the piano during sacrament meeting, and I taught the sunday school class, then Elder ALbornoz taught thre priesthood class. So we basically taught everything.. it was a good experience for me. it was a little stressful, but I learned a lot actually.
     Then we contacted an old contact and she was pretty receptive, but she will be busy until the next week. Then we stop by the family that we found last sunday and it was really good. we taught them about the restoration, at the beginning, it was a little crazy because their two little kids were all over the place. but as we shared about joseph smith and the first vision, the spirit fill the room. It was so cool and strengthened my testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he really saw God and Jesus Christ. Then today we played basketball and then we went and ate empanadas. Then I saw the branch president from Rio negro in the mall and I was able to say hi to him... I love you all and hope that you have a great week. !!! Choose the Right!! (also real quick, I based my talk on "his grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox in the July 2013 Liahnoa i think... it is really awesome and I recomend that you read it. ) 

Love, Elder Hughes

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