Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 " Lots of rain, getting settled into Los Muermos, and having my specific prayers bring specific blessings."

 So the weather was a little crazy this week. We have had nonstop rain for the past week. My shoes have been soaking wet and there is a lot of water. Being in punta arenas I forgot how much it rains up here in the north.. 
   So monday Elder Warner and I finished up cleaning the house. The Elders before didnt have a lot of investigators and the only two that they had, one lives outside the city and the other, they didnt leave an address or a phone number on her teaching record and they had no info whatsoever... so we have been doing a lot of contacts this week to try and find more people. luckily we were able to find one of them. Her name is Mirta. We were able to find her yesterday and we are going to talk to her again on Wednesday. The members here are really nice and have helped us a lot. Yesterday (sunday) I had to teach the sunday school class and played the piano.. there are about 40 people that come every week. We meet in a house  (next week I will send a  pic). Saturday we had an awesome experience. We had fasted thursday and friday and our district (an elder from my group) gave us the idea of setting an exact goal with the lord and then go and complete it. So we set a goal of how many people we were going to contact, We prayed and we set out to find them. We left at 300 and it was raining, and it kept raining until sunday morning. At about 8:30, we decided to knock on a door, We had almost completed with our goal.. and a guy (juan) answered. He told us to come in and as we stepped in we heard his "girlfriend" (joselin) say why did you let them in or something like that. We started talking and Juan told Joselin to come and sit down. She said, I am not mormon.. so we started talking with Juan and turns out that he is member and hasnt been to church for years., As we were talking Joselin came and sat down. They have two girls. One that is 4 and 1. The 4 year old was crying and I gave her a pic of the Salt Lake Temple. Joselin asked us about it and we talked about that. She really liked it, but we asked them if they would like to be together as a family forever.  They said no.. because they might separate and they dont want to be committed..or something like that... I was like. you have got to be kidding me.. but we had a good discussion and we set another appointment for the next sat. he works a lot so we will stop by sat. And he has had a bad experience with missionaries passing by everyday right at the time when he was trying to get ready for work. So we dont want to push him right now. But is was awesome to find that family and to see that god answered our prayer., specific prayers bring specific blessings. il ove you all and i know that the church is true and I love being on the mission. I am not perfect, but I have learned so much and I have changed a lot too. Love you! Have a great week!!!
Elder Hughes 

"Some of my old companions, at  zone conference."

"A Picture of our house in Los Muermos."

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 20, 2015 Elder Hughes' younger brother Tyler, receives his mission call to Yakima, Washington!

Elder Tyler Hughes, called to serve in the Yakima, Washington Mission. He will enter the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on August 26th.  He will be Preach the Gospel in English. 

Tylers' call arrived in the mail Monday morning on July 20, 2015.  We waited for the mail to come and then we left for a family reunion on Beaver Mountain.  Tyler opened his call with many close family members anxiously awaiting what his assignment would be around a campfire.   Tyler has 2 cousins called to serve in the Minneapolis, Minnesota mission and when he opened it, he read that he had been called to the same mission!JK
 The Yakima, WA mission was just opened on July 1, 2015. 
Tyler is thrilled to be preparing to serve the people of Washington! 
He has a blog at

Aunts and cousins waiting with Tyler before he opened his call.

Tyler and Elder Farish

Tylers' cousin, Joshua came up to the reunion Monday with his family and left straight for the MTC Wednesday morning.  Nothing like a suit on the mountain! He will be serving in the Minneapolis,Minnesota Mission.  We love you Josh!

July 20, 2015 'Cambios!! Again! Surprise transfer!!!!

   Greetings from Chile!!! So this week was really Good! First, we had zone conference on tuesday. It was so awesome. We talked a lot about faith, daily contact with the investigators, and with the missionaries as well. Presidente Obeso said " that faith is not necesarily a physical effort, but more of a mental effort".. it 
helped me to focus myself more by thinking more of Christ and what he has done for me and what I can do to do better instead of thinking about something that doesn't have anything to do with what we are doing. Ones' thoughts are really important and eventually after time, thoughts turn into action. Afterwards, during lunch, president said to my companion that he should let me be like the senior companion for the week... I was thinking, "why does he want that"... but during the week we were able to find an old investigator and commit her to a baptismal date. She accepted and she is super receptive. We also were able to find a few other people who were old investigators and are receptive. Saturday we did a fast to help the investigators and to help us to find more poeple. Sunday after church, we found a less active member and she was really receptive. She is 24 years old and wants to go to the temple. She wants to come back to the church and start preparing to go to the temple. Then, sunday night,at 8:30pm,  as we were teaching an investigator in the chapel (actually it is a house.) we got a call from the AP. He told me that I was going to leave the next morning for Los Muermos. They were taking the two missionaries out and putting me with Elder Warner there. He told me that I was going to be senior comp too...  I had to pack my stuff that night and I had to be in Osorno at 9:00 in the morning. It was crazy.. Elder Albornoz was  a little upset because we were doing really well together and now that I get comfortable, I go to another place. So now I am in Los Muermos with Elder Warner, he is from Orem and only has one less cambio than I do. He is awesome and we are getting along. So now we have to figure everything out and start all over basically. The president of the branch and the first counselor came and helped us out. So we are settling in good. Also the house is a mess. So we are going to spend some time cleaning and figuring out the sector.. but i am excited. it is a little crazy with teh change nad the mess. but everything will work out.  also today it is really cold.... and really humid.. Love you guys so much and hope you have an awesome week!!
Elder Hughes 

July 13, 2015 "Reactivating in Entre Lagos, and speaking in ASL!"

Hola Familia!! ¿còmo han estado? 
 So this past week was pretty cold.. every morning when we woke up there was frost on the ground.. (it is really humid there, we are right next to a lake) so cool story... we contacted a lady in the street and it turns out that she was deaf.. so I talked to her in sign language!!! sort of... I tried to talk with the little that I remembered and also the sign language here is a little different... but at the end we were able to give her a pass a long card.. 
   This week one of the investigators has had a lot of problems and he told us that he does not have time for us to pass by right now.. but we are going to try and pass by for a minute to say hi and tell him that we are thinking of him so that he doesnt feel alone. This week ELder Albornoz and I realized something. That it is hard to get a less active member to go to the church not just on Sunday but on any regular day. We have a less active family that we have been working with and we wanted to meet with them in the chapel (well it is more like a house, I will send pics next week) so that we could feel the spirit a little more.. but everytime when we try to set up an appointment, they cant come... but we will just keep trying. 
"Entre Lagos, one of the lakes"

"The Empanada's we ate"
    So this sunday was a little crazy!! So thursday night the branch president
asked if I could give a talk. I also played the piano during sacrament meeting, and I taught the sunday school class, then Elder ALbornoz taught thre priesthood class. So we basically taught everything.. it was a good experience for me. it was a little stressful, but I learned a lot actually.
     Then we contacted an old contact and she was pretty receptive, but she will be busy until the next week. Then we stop by the family that we found last sunday and it was really good. we taught them about the restoration, at the beginning, it was a little crazy because their two little kids were all over the place. but as we shared about joseph smith and the first vision, the spirit fill the room. It was so cool and strengthened my testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he really saw God and Jesus Christ. Then today we played basketball and then we went and ate empanadas. Then I saw the branch president from Rio negro in the mall and I was able to say hi to him... I love you all and hope that you have a great week. !!! Choose the Right!! (also real quick, I based my talk on "his grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox in the July 2013 Liahnoa i think... it is really awesome and I recomend that you read it. ) 

Love, Elder Hughes

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 "Transferred to Entre Lagos."

  So another transfer. Now I am in Entre Lagos which is near Osorno. Actually I was there for three days but we had an emergency transfer. It was when I was with Elder Dolinar and I had just left Elder Johnson. And I went to Rio Negro instead. So I came back. here there is a branch. About 13 people asisted last sunday. So there is not a lot of members.. that assist.  There are about 300 members, but about 20 are active. So we have a lot of work to do... but iI am excited to be here. My companion is Elder Albornoz. He is from Centerville, Utah. actually his parents are Chileanos, but moved to the US. We are getting along really well. 
   So monday after we had said bye to some of the members we were suppose to have a meeting with the sister missionaries and the ward mission leader, but it turned out to be a suprise party a  and hermana that is called Patricia did it for us as well as the ward mission leader. There were almost all the members there and it was so nice. Actually what they did is that Chile was playing in the copa america and that is basically like the playoffs in football, for us. So they threw and activity were the members watched the game and they did it like a good bye party for us. so we said bye and ate a little bit and left while they watched the game. so that is why there is all teh flags and decorations. Tuesday we had a district meeting and Puerto Natales had to stay over because they had transfers as well. Wednesday in the morning we got to the airport at 1:00pm. I saw Elder Kvartfordt there. because he was going to Puenta Arenas while I was leaving. he was the Elder who flew with me from Las Vegas to Mexico. By 6:30 pm I got to Osorno where my companion was and we took another bus to Entre Lagos. So it was a crazy trip. 
     Sunday we had an awesome experience. We were fasting for a lot of things but specifically so that we could find another family to teach. Around 7:30 it was raining like crazy.. I am not joking like crazy.  I  forgot how much it rains here in the north during the winter. And no one had answered their door or let us in. and a lesson that we had fell. so we were in the middle of the street soaking wet and I got the feeling that we should knock a door.. i looked around to see which one we could knock. and I saw one.. I prayed and asked if we should knock the door. I felt good about it so we knocked it. A lady answered the door, and let us enter. We didnt have much time because they were about to eat. so we converse quickly and were able to set an appoinment next sunday to meet with them again. ( the husband works all week so the only day available was sunday.) it is a mom, dad, and two little kids.. We were so happy that God answered to our fast and helped guide us to this family. in Entre Lagos it is tiny and there are not a lot of members (for example I had to teach the class in priesthood..) and we are the secretaries of the branch as well.... but i am excited to be here and it will be an awesome transfer.. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week.
Love, Elder Hughes

"The surprise party with my ward."

"Sandra and her daughter"

"Me with the bishop and his wife."

"Ana, an investigator that we found recently.."

"Manuel, another member."

" Hna Rosalina that was our mamita (the member that gave us our lunch each day )"

"Sebastian Luengo.. a member."

 "Pictures of Southern Chile I took during my
 flight back up North to Entre Lagos."

"Puerto Monte"

'Pictures of Entre Lagos"

June 29, 2015 "Saying goodbye to the Saints in Puenta Arenas"

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I hope you had an awesome birthday. 
  Well this week has been really awesome. The snow melted from the last weekend, but saturday and sunday it rained and snowed and there was tons of wind. About 110 km/hour!! the rain was like little rocks hitting our face with the wind.. but thats the missionary life.. 
  So this week we have transfers. I am going to Entre Lagos (near Osorno) again with Elder Alburnoz. I dont know him so we will see what happens. I will fly out of Puenta Arenas Miercoles (Wednesday) at 1:30.. Elder Muñoz is going to La Union with an Elder Warner.
  We have been able to stop by and teach the family Quilaqueo and we had an awesome lesson. They are doing well. Slowly progressing. Some day they will be baptized. But they just are not ready yet.. 
   This week we had interviews with the president. Wednesday in the morning we went to the chapel and watched the new movie "Meet the Mormons" (well for us here in Puenta Arenas and in spanish it is new for us,) it was an awesome movie.. if you havent seen it, WATCH IT!! then the Assistants to the  president gave us shots for something (i really dont know what for, the do it every year in june. ) then we had our interviews with the president. will we waited for our turn,. the Assistants gave us a little presentation to help us better our teaching.. it was really good and I learned alot about being more prepared to teach, then the rest of the week has been a lot of running around getting our sector ready to leave it to the sister missionaries. And alot of the members have been wanting to say good bye to us and give us food.. (seriously, the members have given us tons of food,) today we had a barbeque with the family Quilaqueo.. we stopped by and they had a bunch of meat and food ready.. it has been hard to say good bye to the people. this sector has been good to us and the members are really awesome.. I am going to miss them..  also today we played basketball with other missionaries... 
    I wish you all a happy fourth of July.. have an awesome week !!!! 

With love,
Elder Hughes

 "Elder Muñoz with the flag of Argentina and chile." 

"Family Luengo"



"Brito Family"

"A Gift from Family Brito"

"Family Quilaqueo"