Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 8, 2015 "I know that God loves all of us and watches over us."

Wow.. sounds like this week was crazy for everyone.. first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROCK!!! finally in the teens.. crazy.. second CONGRATS TO TYLER AND ASHLYN AND RYAN  for their graduation. feels like i graduated yesterday.. weird.. 
     So this week was a little crazy.. and a little cold.. So Monday tuesday and almost all day wedensday it rained without stopping.. tons of mud and water.. then Wednesday day night at about 7:00, it started to snow.. so we were soaking wet and then it started to snow... Elder Muñoz had a ball because he had never seen snow before.. He was really excited. It snowed for about 3 hours. then it started to rain on and off for the rest of the week until sunday.. so the weather it getting colder.. 
     We have been able to teach Enrique and he has been really good. He has accepted everything we have taught him and really has a desire to change. In our ward there are 4 missionaries. s and two hermanas(sister missionaries). The hermanas had a baptism this saturday. Her name is Pamela. She has been dating a less active and they were wantting to get married so that she could be baptized. They were not sure that they were going to be avle to do it before saturday, but there were miracles and they got married friday and she got baptized saturday. It was a great baptism. There were a few less active members who came to the baptism that we invited. As the hermanas were cleaning out the baptismal font, saturday in the morning, the water wasnt draining and there was a really bad odor coming from the drainage. We were close to the chapel so we ran over their to help them and to see what was going on. We had to take the water that was down there and clean it all out.. but we got it cleaned out in time... 
       I had an awesome experience yesterday. Well first I was a little discouraged because Enrique couldnt come to church, so his baptismal date fell... and a few less active members couldnt come as well.. after the sacrament when the testimonies started, I said a prayer in my heart that God would help me to feel better.. as I finished I lifted my head and saw an older lady who had a hard time walking.. she was starting to walk up to the pulpit to bear her testimony. So I stood up and helped her to the pulpit, then after she finished, I helped her down.. as I went to sit down, I thought " God works by small and simple things" so that "great things come to ´pass".. even though it was a small act of serveice, i felt better afterwards and i knew that throught that act of sercive, God ansered my Prayers.. my testimony has grown so much in the past year. i am still not perfect and i still struggle, but my testimony is so uch stronger. I know that God loves all of us and watches over us.. he is always showering us with blessings, but unfortunately, we but the umbrella up to block them.. all we have to do is do what he ask and we will "prosper in the land" (mosiah 2:22).. I love you all and hope you have a great week.. 

Love, Elder Hughes


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