Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 4, 2015 " Missionary Barbeque, Hector and Jaun and.... ¡¡¡¡HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!

 So this week was a really good week.... the weather has been the same but yesterday it was freezing cold.. this morning when we woke up, there was a little bit of frost on the ground.. so it may snow within a couple days (Elder Muñoz wants to see snow because he has never seen snow ) also today we had an asado (barbeque) with all the elders in Puenta Arenas.. we cook meat, made chuti pan, and played basketball and ping pong.. we had a good time. 
  So this week we have been able to find a lot of new people who are receptive. Tuesday we stopped by to visit a member who's wife is not a member and has not wanted anything to do with us. Whenever we came over to visit her husband, she would go into the other room. But when we went tuesday, she stayed and talked with us and we had a really good lesson and we answered a lot of her questions.... wednesday we had an intercambio. Elder Libonati (he is from Uruguay) came into our sector with me. We found a guy who is studying and was really receptive (we visited him yesterday and taught him a little bit and he was really receptive and committed to read some of the Book of Mormon and we are going to pass by next sunday). We had a really good time.. thursday we went to visit Hector but he wasn't there, but his brother (who got out of jail) answered the door and let us in.. we were a little hesitant, but didn't feel in danger so we entered. We started talking with him and had a good visit with him.. come to find out, his dad died when he was 11 years old, then his mom married the dad of Hector (they are step brothers)... then his step dad died later on.. I felt so sad for that family and the confusion and the sadness that they have experienced.. I honestly wanted to cry.. but we left and said that we would stop by saturday... Saturday we had the bishop accompany us the visit Juan (the brother of Hector), we entered there talked for a few minutes to see how everything was going, he told us that his mom had burned her foot the other day when hot water fell, and he told us that he suffered from epilepsy, and when he  said that a thought came to my mind that he was going to have a seizure while we were there, but i thought, nahhh, he doesn't look like he would.. so we starting teaching him about the plan of salvation, and after we finished talking about the premortal life, he started gagging like he was going to throw up, so we got a bowl and he started to throw up. then he starting shaking (not as bad as what Jeffrey has) but he couldn't answer us and was shaking a little bit. so we called an ambulance and the bishop left after we got everything under control, then Hector came back from work to find that his brother was having a seizure and all that jazz so he was a little surprised, while we were waiting for ht ambulance Hector was crying and saying " why would God do this to me" "why doesn't God help us... " and stuff like that. so i helped him and talked with him and he wanted to say a prayer so we said a prayer together.,  by the time the ambulance showed up, Juan had thrown up like 4 times... but when the ambulance showed up he was a little better and wasn't shaking so much.. after the ambulance left hector felt better. honestly during the whole time my companion nor i were freaking out.. it wasn't anything new for me ;).. so it was an experience that we will never forget.. 
   I am so happy to be here in the mission. I am grateful to have the gospel in my life and I am grateful to have my family. I want to send a special thank you to all the mothers in my family and especially for my Aunts,  Grandmothers and my MOM. I love them so much and I am so grateful to have them in my life. I don't know where I would be without them,. thank you so much! I am eternally grateful and I am truly blessed to have these beautiful and amazing women in my life.

*Elder Hughes will be calling Home this next Sunday for Mothers Day...YEAHHHH! He will be skyping from their church with a members' laptop.  He will be calling at 6:00 pm Chilean Time and 2:00 Nevada Time.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Mothers Day!
"The missionary much meat!"

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