Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015 "It's getting cold! And giving blessings at the hospital."

"The hospital we visited"

"Waiting for the bus at the hospital....our view"

"Streets and sunset of Puerta Arenas

"Our Chapel"

¡HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY PARENTS! How grateful I am to have them as my parents.. I could never tell them how much I truely am grateful for what they have done for my these past 19 years!!
    So this week was really good! like all the weeks out here in the mission field! it has been really rainy all week and people said that it was going to snow.. on the hills out side of the city there has been a little snow, and the puddles on the ground freeze, but there is not snow.. yet. Saturday all day it rained and there was wind up to 100 km/hour (sorry don't know how much it is in m/hour) but luckily some of the people we had planned to pass by were there, so we weren't in the street all day.. Sunday and today have been sunny and beautiful (a little chilly...)...      Tuesday, the bishop called us and asked if we could visit a less active member that was in the hospital because he has to go in three days a week to get his blood cleaned out (because his kidneys dont work) and when he went in monday, they found that something is in the back of his head and that it is starting to swell up.. so we visited him and there was two other guys in the same room. one was in there because he was cooking meat in a pressure cooker and the pressure cooker basically exploded and burned his stomach really bad... really bad... then the other (Jaime) got stabbed a few weeks earlier, but didnt know that when he got stabbed, his rib got fractured and after a few days it started to rub up against his lungs, then a few days later he could barely breath, so he went to hte hospital.. we started talking to them and the one who got burnt left because he had visitors, and we started talking to Jaime (the one who got stabbed).. we had a good discussion. we gave him a pamphlet of the plan of salvation. then we gave the less active a blessing.. after we were done, Jaime looked up at us and asked if we could give him a blessing. we did and it was an awesome experience. i am glad to be trusted to use the priesthood to bless the life's of others. the spirit was strong there.   
    this week we found a young mother who is really interested. she was born and raised int eh church of the Jehovas witnesses.. but doesnt go. she has a daughter that has 4 years and has a lot of energy. she lives with  a guy called Nelson. (her name is Sandra) they are not married and we think that he has cheated on her by the things taht she has said to us. she is not mad, but concerned and wants to help him. she wants him to accept God in his life and to change. she has wanted us to come by almost everyday this week to learn about what we share. we have taught alot about the plan of salvation and the restoration. she is really receptive and has told us the oppurtungity at she feels different everytime that we come by.. (the spirit of course). she works alot. but wants us to come by when she doesnt work to share more.. Henriquez gets home saturday or friday, so we will probably stop by sunday.. yesterday we had two funny experiences.. we knocked on he door of someone who we contacted a few weeks earlier and her mom answered the door.. we introduced ourselves and asked if Claudia was there, she said that she wasn't.  So we asked if we could leave our number so that she could call us.. she said "no , she should have it, and besides i am getting really cold with the door open".. i was about to say something smart like "ya we already know that it is cold" or something like that, but i kept my mouth shut.. and said that if she needed anything, she could get in contact with us.. then we visited another contact that we and friday. he let us  and we started talking. turns out that he believes in a lot of theories and a lot of weird things (for example that everythime we die we reincarnate as another person and after 7 times, we go to another world).... it was interesting.. we shared a little bit of the plan of salvation adn left him with the pamphlet to read and we are going to pass by to visit him and see how the reading went saturday.. will see how it goes.. 
   But I am grateful to be here and to have the gospel in my life.. I love this gospel and the  I have to share it with others.  My testimony has grown so much and my love for the Savior has grown as well. I love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week.

Love, Elder Hughes

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