Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 18, 2015 "Elders from Puerto Natales visited Puerto Monte for a zone conference."

  So this week was awesome!!! Monday we had a family home evening with Familia Quilaqueo with a member famliy that had recently gone to the temple to be sealed as a family... it was really good and the became good friends.. 
  Tuesday the Elders that are in Puerto Natales came down because the next day we had Zone Conference.  We went on intercambios while they were here. I went with Elder Linton. He is from Wyoming and has 5 months in the mission... we had a good time and we taught a good lesson with a family that the mom is less active and the dad is not a member.. the next day we had zone conference. It was really good. We learned a lot of stuff on how we can find new investigators and how we can use inspired questions to better our teaching. i learned a lot and it was really good. Elder Medel(my old zone leader in Rio Negro) is the new Assistant to the president... during zone conference we have permission to call other missionaries int eh mission. i called Elder Root and Elder Johnson (my first companion.. it was fun to talk to them.. Elder Root is in Chilo√© and Elder Johnson is in La union.. later that night we had an activity where we invited our investigators and less actives to come and listen to a talk by President Obeso.. he talked about the Plan of Salvation and at the end left it open for questions. it was really good. our investigator were not able to come but two young less actives came.. They are called Jorge and Nicolas. we are working with them to get them reactivated.. that night after we got back to the house (the elders from Puerto Natales slept over) we got a pichanga.. It was really good.. the next day the other elders left for Puerto Natales... 
   Friday was an awesome day. We had a lesson with Henriquez and we applied the new form to use questions that we learned at the zone conference. and guess what.... he accepted to be baptized!! it was an awesome lesson and the spirit was so strong... he is so awesome and has a strong desire to change his life.. he has told us that he wants to be happy and at the end of the lesson, he said that he felt really good and that he wants to be like us because he could see that we were happy and he wants to be like that. It was so awesome and he said that as he read the pamphlet that we had left with him, he felt like he had never felt like before.  He is prepared to listen to the gospel and we are so excited for him, the problem is that he is leaving on a trip to visit his family in Temuco (north of Chile) for 2 weeks. But he is going to pray and read the Book of Mormon.. he accepted o be baptized on the 27ThhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThen later that night we found a lady who is really receptive and wants to learn about our message. her name is Sandra.. the work is moving forward and i know that the Lord helps us everyday. Like Ammon said, "for myself I am weak, but with the Lord,Ii can do all things".  I  know that it is true. Yesterday was a hard day for me. Firstly because we were fasting and I just felt really blah, but I said a prayer and I felt 100 times better. I love being here in the mission and learning things everyday and because my testimony has grown so much. i love my Savior and my Father in heaven... I know that I am a Child of God. Have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Hughes

"The pichanga we bought and shared."

"Elder Munoz and I made homemade pizza!"

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