Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 20, 2015 "We need to think about the scriptures and we will have success. I love the Lord and I love being a missionary."

 Hey!!! this week was a good week. Also the weather is really weird. Monday through Thursday it was warm, but Friday through Sunday it was cold.. 
  Tuesday we taught the family Quilaqueo about eternal families and the temples. They had a lot of questions and they really like the temples.  
Wednesday we had an activity where we were going to watch a movie about the Book of Mormon for the reading that we are doing as a ward. We made popcorn and had snacks, but only a few families showed up... but it was still really good and the families that assisted really liked it. 
   Saturday night we had an other lesson with family Quilaqueo. They had a friend who is from Osorno that was visiting them and he is a member. We had a really good lesson where we explained about the pattern of apostasy that has occurred throughout the history of the world. We used a lot of scriptures and made sure that they understood that the restoration was necessary.The dad (Luis) has a testimony of Joseph Smith and wants to be baptized, but the mom (Bernarda) says that she doesn't believe that Joseph smith was a prophet.... we believe that she still doesn't want to change right now.... they came to church with their friend and the talks that were given were amazing. we are going to stop by Tuesday. we are praying a lot to see what we can do to help Bernarda.... toward the end of the day, we went to the house of someone that we had taught a few times before and he was having a reunion with other people from his church (he is evangelist) and he invited us in.. so there was us two missionaries with 7 evangelist. They were talking about how Christ is our savior and he is the only hope.. they asked us if we wanted to share something.... so we shared a Mormon Message "the hope and the light of Christ" the spirit was strong and we bore our testimonies about Christ and his Atonement. Then they talked a little more and said their prayers (basically they showed a music video of a song about Christ and they sang along with it).. but it was a cool experience for us... we were glad that we were able to share our testimonies and that we could bring the spirit. 
   Sunday, Elder Muñoz and I taught the sunday school class of the teenagers. It was really good.I really liked teaching the youth. Sunday night, we had an activity that we are going to start doing every week.... it is called the Mormon Battalion. All the missionaries in Puenta Arenas go to some sectors that are near each other and all of us work and go visit old invesigators in that area. We had an awesome experience. We went to another area that is called Fitz Roy. A 15 year old young man came with us and we visited some people and although it was freezing cold, we were able to find a lot of people that wanted to hear more.
   Since the beginning of the cambio. Elder Muñoz and I have been trying to memorize one scripture a day. because there is a promise from President Monson that if you memorize one scripture each day for 2 years, by the end, you will have photographic memory and we are able to us the scriptures in lessons or when we talk to people in the street. I love it because already my memory is better and because I can have a scripture in my mind through out the day and helps me feel more closer to God.  Just as it says in Joshua 1:8. 
This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth;but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt 
have good success.... 

 We need to think about the scriptures and we will have success. I love the Lord and I love being a missionary. Have a great week!!    
Elder Hughes

"My district."

Elder Munoz, Elder Salgado, and I.

"Elder Muñoz, me, and the young man that came with us during the activity."

"Our missionary activity"

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