Friday, April 10, 2015

April 6, 2015 "I Loved Conference!"

  This week was really good.. and cold.... Wednesday it started to rain, there was a lot of wind and them it started to snow!!! It didnt snow for long, and the snow didnt stick. But it was a cool experience. I think that I need to get use to it;) 
   So this week is cambios and Elder Bareiro is going home.. reminds me of when I was with Elder Dolinar back in Rio Negro. My new companion is Elder Muñoz from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
   This week we have been trying to visit members, inactive members, and investigators to come to General conference... almost everyone committed to come. We wanted everyone (especially the investigators) to listen to the prophets and apostles and to feel the spirit and gain a testimony of their prophetic calling. Unfortunately, none of the investigators showed and not a lot of members  showed up either.... we were a little sad because we had called them before too to make sure they remembered. But everyone has their free agency... but if they couldnt come to listen, then we will just bring the conference to them(: we want to start using the conference talks to help inactive members and investigators to answer their questions and concerns...
   But beside that, I loved the conference!! it was so good. Alot of talks about the family and the atonement, and much more. i learned a lot and I heard just what i needed. when we are baptized, we make three covenants with God. To take upon us the name of Christ, always remember him, and to keep his commandments... this conference helped me to realize that I need to strive to remember him more and to recognize his hand in my life more. it doesnt matter how righteous I am because I cannot return to live with my father in heaven with Christ and his atonement. No one can!!! we are dangling helpless on the rock face and we cannot do it alone. But Christ is there and is willing to pull us up because He loves us.. He loves us more deeply than we can imagine. Already I have seen a difference in today because I have been thinking more of Christ than of the things around me..I  love Christ and I cannot express how grateful I am to him that he suffered for me and over  came death so that I can overcome physical and spiritual death,.. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Hughes

Note from Elder Hughes' mom- I asked Elder Hughes about Elder Hollands talk when he mentioned Snow Canyon State Park.....right in our backyard! and this was his answer.."actually, during that talk I could only think of my younger brothers and how they would do that for me too.. I am glad to have them in my family.. and of course it made me think of the Atonement too."   We all shed a few tears at our house.

Another note from Elder Hughes mom:) This week I bought a box of yogurt for a family is a treat at our house.  We handed out every ones' yogurt and there was one left in the box....Elder Hughes' little sister Elizabeth (5 years old) spoke up and said, "We need to save it for Nate!"  He left a great big hole in our hearts.

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  1. I think the notes from you make me cry more than anything else posted. Maybe its because I can relate. Hope all is going well for you and your family. We definitely need to get together soon. Can't believe Nate's about to reach his 1 year mark!!