Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 " Cleaning Mussels and Ice Skating"

 The weather for this week was really weird.. it rained a lot or was warm... today there was a lot of wind too..  Today for P-day we went ice skating. It was a lot of fun. Elder Bareiro and I were going to email at the church but as we started, the electricity was cut... so we played ping pong (ping pong is a big sport here so all the chapels have a ping pong table) for 30 minutes to wait and see if the lights would turn back on, but they didn't. so we had to go to a ciber (or a place where you pay to use the computers).
    This week was really good. I am really excited for General Conference this weekend. we are trying to invite everyone to go and attend the conference.Friday we had an intercambio.. I stayed in our sector and Elder Libonati come with me. He has 4 months in the mission and is from Uruguay. He is a funny guy and has a lot of enthusiasm. Toward the end of the day, we had already visited all the people on our plans and we didn't know what to do.  I had the thought to knock on the door at the end of the street. We knocked and turns out that the guy is inactive and hasn't gone to church in 20 years.. We could only talk to him for a few minutes because it was late.... but he works a lot so we are going to try and visit him next week.. I was grateful that the spirit gave me the impression to knock on the door so that we could find him... He thought that another member had told us to visit him, but I told him that I had no idea who lived here and that the Spirit told me to knock on the door.. that made him think for a while ;)  Saturday we had an activity where we talked to the members about the new program "BecauseHeLives" and showed them the video.. also I gave a talk about the resurrection and the Atonement. I focused a lot on 2 Nephi 9:6-10, 21-22, about what would have happened if Christ had not suffered for us.. I was really nervous because of my Spanish, but honestly, when I started talking, I had no problem reading the scriptures clearly or talking. I know that the Spirit helped me. the bishop also asked us to show the video during the 3rd hour of church so that the members who couldn't attend the activity could see it. Everyone loved it and have a desire to show it to their friends and share it through social media. sunday afternoon we visited a less active family that we have been visiting often. The dad and mom was being really stubborn and making excuses and I guess you could say that we called them to repentance... hopefully they can change their attitude and try to do what is right.. there are a lot of less active members who make up excuses.... but I am pretty sure that this new program and video will help a lot of them. sometimes we as missionaries, members, etc, focus too much in the principles, the church, etc, (although these are really important) and don't focus enough in Christ's doctrine.
   I know that Christ lives and that he and to suffer greatly so that I can return to my Heavenly Father. Without him, I could not do it. Because of his atonement, I can try and do better everyday . I can have the hope that I can change and that I can become a better person. Share the video on Facebook or whatever and share your testimony about Christ. the best way to strengthen your testimony is to share it with others.(even through Facebook) and talk to your friends at school or work.. 
Love you guys. Have a great week!!!

Elder Hughes

  "Friday we cleaned mussels for a member because he was going to have them for his wife's birthday party. we showed up to share something with him and saw that he needed help, so we helped him."

"I think I've seen these in Lake Mead!...they have them here too!  What a coincidence!"

  "Our ward activity"

"Our Chapel"

"For P-Day today we went iceskating and it was alot of fun!"

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