Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 "Have an Attitude of Gratitude."

 During this week  we saw a lot of rain...... and a lot of wind.... Tuesday the wind got up to 120 km/hr(75 miles per hour)... after our district meeting we went to a look out that is right by the chapel and we almost fell off the railing because the wind was so bad. 
   This week, Luis (one of our investigators) went on vacation to visit his family in Osorno for 2 weeks. But Sunday, his wife and son came to church and stayed for the other classes (first time that they have done that) and they liked it.. we are trying to get the young mens program to help with Diego  (the son) to befriend him and invite him to activities. The mom really likes church and likes the Relief Society. 
    This week Elder Bareiro and I have seen lots of divine help... at the begining of the week it was really tough.. we couldnt talk to any of our investigators (all were busy) we couldnt find any one.... but by the end of the week we found a lot of people who are receptive. Satan was working hard so that we would be discouraged and wouldnt work as hard and wouldnt find those people, but we continued on and received the blessings. 
    Friday I had an intercambio with Elder Whitaker. I had to guide the sector (even though I had only been there for 3 weeks) but it was good and I learned a lot from him. He was my first zone leader in Valdivia and now he is my zone leader again. He will finish his mission this cambio with Elder Bareiro. 
     Saturday we had our activity with the ward. We did the activity to start a Book of Mormon reading. We will read 2 chapters a day and we should finish it in 4 months. We did activities and watched ´´testimony of the Book of Mormon´´ by Jeffrey R Holland  (WATCH IT!!! SO GOOD) and we did an activity where we had clues throughout the chapel that lead to the Treasure (gold plates that we made out of cardboard). It was so good and I am excited to do this reading. ut we were really stressed out becuase 30 min before the activity started, we had all the clues ready to print out on the computer, but then the electricity was turned off because of the wind.. so we had to do it all over again by hand.. but it all went well. 
     They replacd the bishop of our ward yesterday.. the old bishop had been bishop for 11years.  We are excited to work with the new bishop. He is excited and ready to help..
     I am glad for the trials we have in this life so that we can learn and so that we can learn to look for the blessings in our lives and learn to depend on our heavenly father for the things that we need. I hope all of you have a great week and try to look for the blessings throughout the week. Have an Attitude of Gratitude. 

Elder Hughes
"The golden plates we made for our ward activity.  We made them out of cereal boxes."

"Our ward activity."

"The lookout by our chapel.  We just about blew right off."

"The wind was blowing 75 miles per hour...look at the waves in the ocean."

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