Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 9, 2015 " A few people have asked me how they can prepare to go on a mission... and I have been thinking about that and I have a few suggestions."

Happy Valentines Day!
 Well, the weather changed this week. it was cloudy and rainy a lot of the days. But is was a good break from the sun. Also, during this week, Rio Negro had a carnival for Rio Negro days or something like that. They had a huge stage set up in hte middle of the street and bands played during the week. We could hear it throughout most of the night because our house is close to where the stage was..... so we had a hard time sleeping. 
    Since almost all of our investigators are working all the time, we have been trying to visit the members and less active members to help them set goals to go to the temple and to at least have a current temple recommend. One young couple (who got baptized two years ago) are getting ready to go and be sealed with their 3 year old daughter. We are really excited for them. Also, we have been visiting a less active couple to help them set goals to go as well and to be sealed. They have now been activated and are coming to church everyweek now.. for people to go to the temple here, they have to save up a lot and sacrifice a lot to go and it is so awesoem to see the excitment and the faith they have to go to the temple.. 
    A few people have asked me how they can prepare to go on a mission... and I have been thinking about that and I have a few suggestions.. 
  - first, to develop a habit of daily scripture study and daily prayer. Even thought they are the basic seminary answers, they are also the basic foundation to learning the gospel and to strengthen a testimony.Plus they are commandments of God and we receive blessings when we keep the commandments.. 
   - READ PREACH MY GOSPEL!!! even though every missionary has said that.... it is true. Use preach my gospel to teach lessons in church or to prepare talks or to do family home evening. An apostle said that there needs to be a PMG in every household. Because every member is a missionary. All need to learn how to share the gospel. 
   - participate in seminary where you can learn the scriptures and dont just go to listen, but do the assignments and particpate.
   - teach lessons in church for sunday school or for YM and YW. You teach alot in the mission so you need to get rid of stage fright.
   - take charge of the FAmily Home Evening lesson.. 
   - share the gospel with your friends.. invite them to activities..
   - go out with the misisonaries.. ask them if you can prepare something to teach to the person. 
   - do home teaching and visiting teaching. 

Well these are some of the things that I have thought of.. even though they seem small and simlple, great things can result from them.. do them and I promise that it will help you. And it is not only for those who are close to leaving on a mssion, but even for the kids.. and for the adults who have gone on missions.. you should not have to step up to go on a mission. You should already be ``at that level``. you should already be ready..and not only for a mission, but for any calling, you should not have to step up.. you should already be ready.. love you guys and hope that you have a great week.  
Elder Hughes
*I will send pictures next week...ran out of time!

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