Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 2, 2015 "I learned a good lesson... to always follow the Spirit."

How is everyone?? Hopefully everything is great!!
 This week has been good. We werent able to teach any of our investigators because they had to work alot... why do people have to be so busy??  But we were able to give a blessing to Gimena. During work (she is working at the orchards to harvest fruit) she was picking fruit and a branch poked her in the eye really badly.. we ran into her later that day and she had something on covering her eye to help it heal.. we offered to give her a blessing and she agreed. So we gave her a blessing. She told us afterwards that she felt al ot better and also that she felt more peaceful.. the next day when we past by, she didnt have the eye patch on... I am so grateful for the power of the preisthood to help others feel better physically and spiritually and emotionally.. 
   Our branch president suddnely got really sick and had to have surgery... and to make it ever more crazy he is getting married next week... so he is not doing to well.. so we have been trying to help him... 
    Wednesday, I went on exchanges with the zone leaders..... with Elder Thomas. He is from Santiago Chile, and I learned a lot about what I could do better.. he is a great misisonary and it was fun to be with him for a day.
    Friday I had a funny and cool experience about following the Spirit.. we were walking in the street and we walked past a younger lady pushing a baby in a stroller.. when we past her I got the feeling that we should turn around and talk to her.. but I pushed it out of my head... for the next 45 seconds the thought would not leave my head.. finally i said to Elder Holt. That we should catch up to that lady and talk to her.. by this time, she was about 150 yards down the street. So we started running in order to catch up with her.. we caught up to her (she was probably a little suprised) and started talking to her about het plan of salvation.. she really like what we said and she was really interested, but she told us that she lives out in the country and was only visiting family... but even though we cant relaly follow up with that and teach her again. we left her with a pamphlet and we planted a really good seed.  And I left feeling good that I  had listened to the promptings of the Spirit.. what  a good feeling it was and I learned a good lesson... to always follow the Spirit.. I use to question myself when i got an impression to knock on a door and either no one answers or they dont want anything.. but Elder Holt told me that 3 reasons why you would receive an impression to do that is 1. because God is giving that person another chance to receive the gospel.. 2. because you need to slow down so that you run into someone later or 3. because God is testing you see if you obey and act on the promptings you get.... I have learned that it is important to listen to the Spirit because the Spirit will tell us what we need to do.. Moroni 10:5.. love you guys so much.. have a great week.

Elder Hughes

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