Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 22, 2015 "Transfers to Puenta Arenas, Brush Fires and Pichanga's!"

*Wednesday, February 24th, Elder Hughes flew from Puerto Monte to Puenta Arenas to transfer to serve in  another area of Chile.  Elder Hughes', flight was about 2 1/2 hours and he is now in the southern most region of the world.  Summer is turning into fall right now and the biggest challenges with this region are the wind and the lack of ozone layers.  Ropes are strung from building to building to prevent people from being blown away.  Elder Hughes is excited to be heading south and his new companion will be his first non-American companion, he is from Argentina.  Elder Hughes told us this week that the best thing he ate was the pachanga and he sleeps really well with the bedding provided, but he is glad he took a cold weather sleeping bag to Chile, because he is going to need it!

 "  These are a few pics of the fire after it was out. It was right behind the houses. It was a miracle that it didnt burn them."
  "So we bought something called a pichanga Tuesday night. It is fries with sausage, cheese,  tomatos, pickles, and other stuff. It was really good!!!

 First off, congrats to Hailey for her call. That is so awesome and I am excited for her. Well.. this week is cambios and we recieved big news for this cambio.. in Rio Negro, there are 2 companionships of Elders. But they are going to take all four of us out and replace us with 2 Hermanas (sister missionaries)... now Rio Negro will be one sector.... so most of this week we have been getting the place ready for the hermanas to come. They will do well. The hermanas are the secret weapons for the church(that is what Elder Nielson said when he came down). And it is true.. I am going to go to Punta Arenas (the bottom of the world) and just as winter is starting..... I am going to freeze!!) My new companion is from Argentina.. So I will be able to get better with my spanish.. I leave wensday and will fly down to Puenta Arenas.. Elder Winward is also going to Punta Arenas as well.  I am excited for that as well. I will miss Rio Negro though, even though it was hard, I learned a lot.. Also there are a lot of members who I will miss too. But it is part of the mission life..
   So Monday , there was a wildfire in Rio Negro.. Luckily only two houses burned down.... it is a miracle that more didnt start on fire. There were ashes of burnt grass all over the town... but no one got hurt and everyone is alright.. 
   Saturday we did divisions with the members (where one missionary leaves with one member to visit in active members).. It was good and we were able to bring the Spirit into the home of the family that we visited. They said they would come to church, but they didnt show up.. sad day... but other families came back who the others had visited, so it was good. Sunday we went to Osorno and did the same thing for another ward (they needed more missionaries to go with members so they had us come).. It was awesome as well. 
  So this week I studied a lot about using the Book of Mormon and Chapter 5 from PMG.  We know that the book of mormon is the keystone of the church.. and it is the keystone in three ways:
1. For our witness of Christ 2. For the FULNESS of the doctrine. 3. And for the foundation of our testimonies... i love reading the Book of Mormon.. everytime I read, I forget about the problems I have and I can focus on the hope and peace that I feel when I read. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and is not here to replace the Bible, but to support it and to add another testimony of Christ. I know that if we read it EVERYDAY, we will become closer to God and feel the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives more strongly. I love you guys and hope you have a Great Week.
Elder Hughes

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