Monday, January 12, 2015

January 5, 2015 "Going foward is good, but we must have a direction.. a plan..... a goal"

   ¡Feliz año! happy new years!!! 

   So the weather took a turn and it has rained almost everyday this week. But that is okay because I like it better than the hot. 
    Monday we had a first lesson with a family ( the mom is a sister of hermano jacob ) and they all sat down and listened. We taught them the first lesson and they are such a good family. We also were able to teach Carlos and Javiera (we first taught them about two weeks ago) and had a good lesson about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and prayer. They both understand really well, but they still only see it as good advice and something good. They dont have too much of a religious background so we are working to get them to pray and ask if what we are teaching is true.  Tuesday we went to a really small town 30 min outside of Rio Negro called RiaChuelo. We dont have any investigators there so we were trying to talk to people in the street. tTere were not a lot of people adn the ones who were outside didnt want anything. So I started to pray in my heart that we would find someone and right as we turned the corner, we ran into an older gentlman who let us share the first lesson with him and his wife. Even though they are both strong catholics, they said that they felt something different about what we said and they want us to come back and share more.. I am so glad that Heavenly Father is watching out for all of us and answered my little prayer. He is worried about all of us and wants to help us and he will do what he knows will help us the most. 
       There is a family in our sector where the dad and daughter are members but the mom and son are not. The dad and daughter dont come to church alot... and last week they found out that the mom needs an operation for her something inside her intestines.. it has taken a huge hit on the family.. first of all becuase they are dirt poor and also becuase the dad now has even more stress.. we passed by the other day to talk with him and see what we could do to help. We talked for a while and the dad said to us.. I am doing all I can do and it doesnt seem like anything is happening.. I felt that i should ask him if he is paying his tithing and reading his scriptures.. he told us that he hasnt and we talked about the importance of doing those things.. after, I realized that even though it might seem that we are doing everything right, there is always something htat we lack or that we can do better. We always need to try to change and become better in every moment.. we should never say ``all is well in zion´´ because we cannot be satisfied with our current condition.. we always need to be doing better. 2 Nephi 28:21..   
      Now is the beginning of a new year and now we can all do something better. Make goals and plans because they will help you to have a destination and a specific route to follow. It is a lot easier to follow a GPS or a map instead of just walking. Going foward is good, but we must have a direction.. a plan..... a goal. 
With Love,
Elder Hughes 

"We went and picked raspberries at a members house yesterday and made smoothies!"

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