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January 26, 2015 "Fruit Harvesting in Chile and the importance of Hometeaching and Visiting Teaching"

  HEY!!!! How is everything going up there in North America?? Sounds like you guys had an awesome stake conference..... those three men will do a great job as the new stake presidency. That is an awesome experience that Elder Johnson had on his mission.. like Paul said, the church is like a body and the head of the body is Christ.. every part on the body is needed to function perfectly... even the fingernail is important.. even though it may not cause the body to die, it will cause  alot of pain to the body and discomfort... everyone and every calling in the church is super important and Christ trusts us to take care of his body.... 
   So this week has been a little slow... and hot... during this time of the year, the big fruit orchards need to harvest the fruit and they hire a lot of people to do it.. almost everyone here in Rio Negro works there during this time until about March... so either no one is home or they have  just gotten back from working in the hot sun carrying fruit around all day and dont want anything from us... so we have been doing a lot of tracking and walking visiting members.. the branch in Rio Negro can almost become a ward, but they need more people doing their home teaching and have temple recommends, so we have been visiting alot of the members to help them get their recommends and to do their home teaching.. 
    We had our zone conference with two other zones.. it was so good and I learned a lot.. we talked a lot about working with the members more. The truth is that the members do all the work and the missionaries just teach and invite people to be baptized.. it is becuase the bishop has the keys to leading the missionary work.. not the mission president, the mission president only has the keys to baptize and confirm.. and when the members get involved with the investigators, the investigators feel more welcome and comfortable when they go to church. Plus the missionaries are only there for 6 months at the most and the members are there for... like 40 years. So the members are truely supposed to be the missionaries of the missionary work.. I have seen miracles that happen when the members get involved with the work..  so we have been trying to get the members more involved, but alot of them work alot or dont really want to and the president of the branch is going to be married in a few weeks, so he is stressed out.. so it has been a lilttle difficult, but we will keep trying. 
   We havent been able to teach any of our investigators this week.. we want to go and talk with them so bad, but they work like crazy and dont have any time, hopefully we can talk to them this week...... 
   One last thing.. how is your home teaching and visiting teachiing?? I have seen how blessed we are in the US and to have enough peopel to do home teaching and visit the members and strengthen them. Home teaching and visiting teaching are inspired programs from God to strengthen members (active and inactive) and to hasten the work.. because if the members are having problems and are not strong, how can the missionaries bring more people who need help and who are new to the church. The home teaching and visiting teaching here is something that is wished by every missionary. So that we can focus more on investigators and not members who are having problems.... Basically what I am trying to say is DO YOUR HOM;E TEACHING AND VISITING TEACHING!!! and dont just show up at the families house and share a little somehting them never talk to them until the next month.. the LORD has trust you to watch over those specific families.. prayerfully ask the Lord to help you share something meaningful to the family and to stay in contact with them and be there for them... treat them just as the missionaries treat their investigators.. (that is why an apostle said that every member should have a preach my gospel...) take care of the people that the Lord has entrusted you with.. feed his sheep that he has asked you to take care of. Have a great week.. 

With Love 
Elder Hughes

Our chapel in Rio Negro

Elder Alder, Elder Cleverly. and Elder  Jeppson-Elders from my zone at the CCM 
who were at our zone conference last week.

Elder Johnson, my first companion in Chile and his new trainee....we met up at zone conference.

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