Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 "What are my favorite sins?"

  HEY!!! How is everyone?? Well, this week was good for me. We had interviews with the president tuesday and it was so good. I love talking to President Obeso. He always is filled with love and always wants to help everyone. 
      Friday I went on an intercambio(split) for a day with one of our zone leaders Elder Jacobson. He is a funny guy and I learned a lot from him.  Also, this week was Transfers... and Elder JAcobson is giong to be the new AP..  Elder Holt and I are staying in Rio Negro and so is Elder Winward and Elder Linford..We have two investigator families who are doing well and progressing.  We are thinking about giving them a baptismal date.. one of the problems is that one of the families, doesnt want to pray. They say that they feel obligated to pray and that they want to pray when they feel it is necessary.... and Prayer is our biggest tool for conversion because through prayer you can recieve an answer from God.. for example, we talked yo a person in the street and they said they have read the Book of Mormon but the only problem they have is that they dont believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet.. so what did we ask her?? ``have you ask God if he is a prophet??`` they said no but that they had studied and they dont think that he is a prophet. so we invited her to pray.. 
        Also on wednesday, we ran into an investigator named Jose. He was drinking and sitting in front of an old store. And we sat and talked with him for a while. He told us that he wants to stop drinking because he knows it is bad and a bad example for his kids. So we told him to take the wine he was drinking and to throw it away in a nearby garbage can.. he said that he couldnt because he had already paid for it and didnt want waste his money.. ELder Holt felt prompted to tell him that if he threw it away, he would find more money before the end of the day.. but Jose still would not give up his wine.. we tried one more time nad he still refused.. we felt so bad that he was so addicted that he couldnt give it up.. Elder Holt and I talked after about how maybe some of us have a ``favorite sin`` that if called to give it up, we would not.. if we have a favorite sin, even if it is small... we must get ride of it now while we can so that we can progress and repent... even though it is hard, we must make the sacrifice so that we can take of the burden of sin and be made free through Christ. 

With love,
Elder Hughes

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