Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014 "I dont know about you guys but I love this month of December"

... there is such an awesome spirit about it.. everyone  (well most people) are willingly to talk about Christ and his birth. we have been trying to invite peorple to watch the new christmas video of the church.. I love being able to talk to others about Christ and his gospel..
   So Elder Dolinar (my last companion) finished the mission Tuesday and my new companion is Elder Holt. he is from Lehi, Utah and was my district leader in Valdivia (my first sector). So it was pretty awesome to see him again and we are both getting along really well. Elder Linford (the other elder in our house) is training Elder Winward. Having him reminds me of when I first arrived in chile. It is so weird.. time is flying by too fast... 
    Yesterday and saturday we had stake conference. Our mission president was there and it was so awesome. One of the speakers siad that we become closer to Christ when we suffer afflictions or trials. We come to realize his love and his hand in our lives. We grow and learn as well.. and it is so true. I have see the importnave of the hard trials and hard things in our lives becuase without them, we would never experience joy or peace or the feelng of overcoming an obstacle or learning that we can do hard things. 
        Our investigators are doing really well... we are trying work with a lot of the less active members... here in Chile, 15% of members are active.. many of the menos activos have been offended, or they work, or.. lots of other excuses... but really what it comes down to is that like is says in Helama 5:12, that our foundation needs to been built on Christ.. We have to ask ourselves, are we built on Christ??, or the members? or the activities? or the church??   in everyone of the menos activos, I could see that they were  not built on Christ. and I could see that before my mission, I was not really built on Christ either.. but now I have been working to constuct my testimony on christ.. if we are truely built on chirst, them he will support us.. becuase he loves us and he wants to help us.. but sometimes we give into the natural man and build on something else.. adn if it is not of Christ, then it is of the devil.. and we will always be building our testimony. We will never be done in this life, and we must strive to build it securely so that we will not fall.. study how you can build your foundation on Christ. 
Elder Hughes

Rio Negro River


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