Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 22, 2014 " I dont know about you guys but I am really excited for Christmas "

Hey!!! I dont know about you guys but I  am really excited for Christmas (probably because I am going to be able to talk with my family) plus for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ.... which is a gift that God gave to us (John 3:16) and also for the gift that Christ gave us (the atonement).
   This week was a little crazy..... Elder Holt got strep throat and we stayed inside all day Thursday. Friday we had a Christmas party with the Osorno and Rahue zone, then we sang at the plaza in Osorno.. that was a lot of fun and we talked to a lot of people. Then saturday, eveyone came to Rio Negro and sang there as well.. it was awseome to be able to help others feel the spirit through songs..    
   Also earlier in the week we knocked on the door of a family and the dad answered. When he saw us he acted really sarcastically (basically mocking) and invited us in... at first we could tell that he was just playing around and trying ot make fun of us.. but we started talking about the family and him and his wife change from sarcastic to really intested in what we were saying. i showed them a picture of my family and were suprised about how many brothers and sisters i have.. I was really proud to show off my family to them. They had a 9 year old son and another on the way. they were not really interested in the religious part of our message, but they loved what we shared about families. It helped me realize how grateful I am for my family and the knowledge I have that we can live together forever.. I was very grateful to be able to help them strengthen their family and to share with them what I have been able to have all my life.. even though they probably wont get baptised anytime soon, we will still talk with them and try to help them become closer as a family.. we have been trying to get a hold of our investigator, but she had a really big ezam this week in her college. Basically if she doesnt get a certain score, she has to take the class all over again. She takes it today, so hopefully she does well. but she has been reading the Book of Mormon and really loves it.. I cant blame her... 
    Sunday the speakers ended really quickly so they had extra time, so they asked me to bear my testimony about Christmas and I was greateful to share my feelings about Christmas.. 
    I have been trying to finish reading the general conference in April before I begin on october conference, and I read a talk by Elder Uchdorf about being greateful. About being grateful not for the things you have (because sometimes in life we will have less things then what we had ) but having a grateful attitude.. and with the holiday season, we can be grateful for so many things.. and if we have the attitude of gratitude, we will be more happier in whatever circumstance.. 

with love,
Elder Hughes
Osorno and Rahue Zones'Christmas Party

Another Chilean sunset

Elder Hughes and Elder Kevesdy at the zone party

A selfie  group the red ties!

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