Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 15, 2014 "I am also excited for Christmas... Christmas in the summer?!! "

   Well, the weather has begun to warm up.. most of the time I am just wearing a short sleeve white shirt.. it is not that hot here but the suns rays are very strong. (I wear sunscreen) also my backpack is turning from black to brown becaus of the sun... 
    My new companion (Elder Holt) is awesome. We both teach well together and get along with each other.. also this pday we played basketball at the stake center and last pday we had a barbeque with the zone.. it was so good.... the sausage here is amazing.. for sure I will miss that when i leave.. Thursday will be my 6 month anniversary!!! It is crazy that I am 1/4 of the way done with my mission... but I try not to think about that.. it is fun here to contact people.. most of the time they dont want anything or cross the street before we get to them.. one guy almost got hit by a car while crossing.. I  thought it was amusing, but I am glad he didnt get hit.. it is hard sometimes because most of the people have hard hearts and dont even listen to us.. they just repeat back random things about the bible or something like that... we have been trying ot have more of a focus on trying to help the pelpe increase their faith in Christ and his teachings, not on getting more members adn it is has helped me alot to focus more on Christ because we are his representatives and are doing his work.. it is hard when we are just trying to help other come closer to Christ and they reject us becuase they automaticaly think that we are trying ot get them to our church.... but they have their agency and such. 
     We taught Magdelena and she accepted to be baptized on january 24th!!! She is doing well and is going to try and bring her younger sister to church with us!! we invited them this week but they slept in... but they are going to come next week!!!
   And in Osorno, there is a walmart. and today we cant shop there becasue the workers went on strike.. just thought you guys would like to know.  
I am also excited for Christmas... Christmas in the summer?!!  It is something that we use to try and talk to people because almost everyone likes Christmas!!
    Thursday, we had a devotional by a doctor who is the doctor for all the missions in Chile. He talked about perfectionism and how it will only bring us anger and depression because we cannot become perfect.. it is an unreachable goal.. also dyc 1:19,23; 121:34; 6:22-23; 35:13; 133:59; ether 3:2; Moses 6:31-34 talk about how God choses the weak to do his work. It was awesome and helped me out alot. Also how we have the atonement to help us.. it is already paid for, so we have to humble ourselves and accept that we are not perfect, but we should always try. 2 Nephi 25:23.  Also read the talk his grace is sufficent.. awesome talk about that. I love you guys and hope for the best.. keep doing what is right and never ever give up.

With Love,
Elder Hughes
"Volcano Osorno"
"The volcano our zone climbed a month ago"

"Three of the four volcanoes around Rio Negro"

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