Friday, November 21, 2014

November 17, 2014 " I have learned that the best way to learn a principle is to teach it, that is why a mission is so important."

So the past couple weeks I have been complaining about the rain, but this week was pure sun... even though it doesnt get to hot, the sun rays are a lot stronger down here. The ozone layer is the very thin and so we feel everything.. I havent been sunburned badly yet but you can still feel it. The weather down here is warming up and it is really pretty. 
   Wednesday, Elder Russell M. Nielson, his wife, Elder ViƱas from the 70's and his wife came and spoke to us. It was so cool. we got to shake his hand. The mere presence of an apostle is just overwhelming. All four of them spoke and gave really good talks. Sister Nielson gave a really good talk about not wasting time and using it wisely. Also on how we can receive answers to our prayers through general conference and other church meetings. Elder Nielson talk about a lot of stuff, but two things that stood out to me was diligence and loving the lord. he said that if we are not struggling and dont have any trials, then we are not progressing. there is opposition in all things and we can know if what we are doing is right if it is hard and we struggle with it. (WATCH THIS VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE how the atonement applies to missionaries... so good.. please watch it). Also he said that if we love the lord first, then we will have the capacity to love others. What was funny was that he told us that when we look for a future spouse, we need to make sure they love the Lord first, and that we must love the Lord first. Talking to a bunch of missionaries about marriage was a little funny. 
   Our investigators are doing better. We have been trying to read the Book of Mormon with them and  can see a huge difference in the lessons. The Book of Mormon is true and has a power that no other book has. The Book of Mormon is truely the word of God and is the keystone to our religion. For example, we read 1 Nephi 1 with an investigator and his wife who werent progressing much, and at the end they were like.. this is such and good chapter i love it, and i was thinking to myself, it is only 1 Nephi 1, I have read it who know how many times, it is not even the best chapter.. i am so grateful to have the gospel in my life. 
   Our area has been a little tough. The missionaries have been there for a long time and almost every one has talked to missionaries before. There are a lot of peolpe who dont want anything to do with us and alot of people in the streets treat us like we are criminals or something (or they know that we will probably try to contact them).. but it is crazy. For  example, saturday and sunday it seemed that everyone in the street hated us and that all the dogs we past tried to kill us... there is a lot of hard feelings between members.. there are a lot of offended people..  it was really rough. buit last night toward the end of the day, we found a young man with his daughter and he is so nice and wants to hear our message. Also it was right by our house and we were about to go in, but Elder Dolinar at the last second said hey, lets contact this guy. it was a testimony builder for me. 
    I am glad for the Gospel and for the oppurtunity I have to share it with others. I am grateful for my family. almost everyone that I show my pictures of my family (immediate and extended) and they all say what a beautiful family i have and what a blessing it must be to have all the members in my family belong to the church. It is a blessing that I took for granted. Also, I have learned that the best way to learn a principle is to teach it. that is why a mission is important and why it is important to share the gospel. I have learned more in these 5 months than i have in all the 19 years of my life. My testimony has been strenthened a hundred fold. Also, how Elder Nielson said that we must love God first so that we have the capacity to love others is an important principle to apply in every situation. with marriage, friendships, children, church, everything. If we are having a hard time loving some one.. love the Lord and you will be able to.
Elder Hughes

"More pictures of the Osorno Volcano from last week, this river was at the bottom."

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