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November 24, 2014 "I know that through fasting, we can learn new things and receive answers to our prayers. I am so glad that our Father in Heaven loves us enough to help us grow and to do things that are hard so that we can learn and progress"

                            The Osorno Volcano, the one my district visited 2 weeks ago.

This week was really nice weather. It is starting to warm up and most of the time I just wear a long sleeve white shirt.
  We have an investigator named Eduardo (the husband of the mamita). He has known the church for a long time but does not want to get baptized right now. At first we didn't know what to teach him, but we felt that we should read the Book of Mormon with him and challenge him to read it with his wife and son everyday. Although they have not read everyday, they have been reading and he is beginning to change. On Saturday, when we went to lunch, his wife told us that the day before at his work, they had to get the religion of all the employees. everyone was saying catholic or evangelico, but when they asked him he said that he was Mormon. Everyone turn around and stared at him. It was so cool to hear that, even though he isn't baptized, he considers the LDS Church as his church. Plus she told us that he blesses his food at work even though everyone stares. It is awesome to see the change in him. and also him and his wife came to church this Sunday. it was so awesome to see them both there, even though they left after sacrament meeting.. and the talks were about eternal marriage!!!  
      Also this week, I started playing the piano in sacrament meeting!! We have a keyboard piano at the church that I practice on. I wish I had continued learning how to play the hymns so that i would not have to be so stressed to learn them now in the field..( wink wink to all of you teenagers that don't want to play the piano anymore...)
     So I learned that Elder Dolinar, my companion, finishes the mission this cambio, in 11 days. He was trying to keep it a secret, but I found out about it finally, he almost got away with it. 
     Thursday  decided to do a personal fast to help us find more people to teach and to be able to have strength to work hard. toward the end of the day, we found a 21 year old (Magdelena) and her mom(Marcia) who own a little store close to our house. Magdelena needed help with her English homework because she had a test coming up in her college. We helped her with that and after, her and her mom asked us questions about the church and why we are here in Chile. They are so nice and gave us food for helping her with her homework. They said that we can stop by another time and talk more.. It was such an awesome experience and strengthen my testimony on fasting. Alma 5:45-46 and Helaman 3:33-35 are really good scriptures about fasting. I know that through fasting, we can learn new things and receive answers to our prayers. I am so glad that our Father in Heaven loves us enough to help us grow and to do things that are hard so that we can learn and progress. I am so grateful for this church and for my family. God has given us them so that we can learn and grow as well. They are both central to Gods plan and should be the most important things to us.....(besides God and the scriptures(;   ).

Elder Hughes
A house in the country we walk by

A Chilean Sunset

A Chilean spring day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

My apologies for the delay on the last two posts, we have been out of town and then trying to get back into a routine again. Many Thanks for checking Elder Hughes' blog....especially when it's not current.  See you next Monday!    ~Nathan's Mom

November 17, 2014 " I have learned that the best way to learn a principle is to teach it, that is why a mission is so important."

So the past couple weeks I have been complaining about the rain, but this week was pure sun... even though it doesnt get to hot, the sun rays are a lot stronger down here. The ozone layer is the very thin and so we feel everything.. I havent been sunburned badly yet but you can still feel it. The weather down here is warming up and it is really pretty. 
   Wednesday, Elder Russell M. Nielson, his wife, Elder ViƱas from the 70's and his wife came and spoke to us. It was so cool. we got to shake his hand. The mere presence of an apostle is just overwhelming. All four of them spoke and gave really good talks. Sister Nielson gave a really good talk about not wasting time and using it wisely. Also on how we can receive answers to our prayers through general conference and other church meetings. Elder Nielson talk about a lot of stuff, but two things that stood out to me was diligence and loving the lord. he said that if we are not struggling and dont have any trials, then we are not progressing. there is opposition in all things and we can know if what we are doing is right if it is hard and we struggle with it. (WATCH THIS VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE how the atonement applies to missionaries... so good.. please watch it). Also he said that if we love the lord first, then we will have the capacity to love others. What was funny was that he told us that when we look for a future spouse, we need to make sure they love the Lord first, and that we must love the Lord first. Talking to a bunch of missionaries about marriage was a little funny. 
   Our investigators are doing better. We have been trying to read the Book of Mormon with them and  can see a huge difference in the lessons. The Book of Mormon is true and has a power that no other book has. The Book of Mormon is truely the word of God and is the keystone to our religion. For example, we read 1 Nephi 1 with an investigator and his wife who werent progressing much, and at the end they were like.. this is such and good chapter i love it, and i was thinking to myself, it is only 1 Nephi 1, I have read it who know how many times, it is not even the best chapter.. i am so grateful to have the gospel in my life. 
   Our area has been a little tough. The missionaries have been there for a long time and almost every one has talked to missionaries before. There are a lot of peolpe who dont want anything to do with us and alot of people in the streets treat us like we are criminals or something (or they know that we will probably try to contact them).. but it is crazy. For  example, saturday and sunday it seemed that everyone in the street hated us and that all the dogs we past tried to kill us... there is a lot of hard feelings between members.. there are a lot of offended people..  it was really rough. buit last night toward the end of the day, we found a young man with his daughter and he is so nice and wants to hear our message. Also it was right by our house and we were about to go in, but Elder Dolinar at the last second said hey, lets contact this guy. it was a testimony builder for me. 
    I am glad for the Gospel and for the oppurtunity I have to share it with others. I am grateful for my family. almost everyone that I show my pictures of my family (immediate and extended) and they all say what a beautiful family i have and what a blessing it must be to have all the members in my family belong to the church. It is a blessing that I took for granted. Also, I have learned that the best way to learn a principle is to teach it. that is why a mission is important and why it is important to share the gospel. I have learned more in these 5 months than i have in all the 19 years of my life. My testimony has been strenthened a hundred fold. Also, how Elder Nielson said that we must love God first so that we have the capacity to love others is an important principle to apply in every situation. with marriage, friendships, children, church, everything. If we are having a hard time loving some one.. love the Lord and you will be able to.
Elder Hughes

"More pictures of the Osorno Volcano from last week, this river was at the bottom."

November 10, 2014 "Even thought He is perfect and at the top, He wants to bring us up with Him. I know He will do anything for us if we ask."

 So, I can now say that i have felt an earthquake. Tuesday morning as I was saying my prayers, I felt the bed and the floor moving. I was so confused.. but the other Elders felt it and so did the people we talked to that day. It wasnt big enough to do any damage, but it was big enough to feel it. it was such a cool feeling. 
   Wednesday, our zone leaders, Elder Owens and Elder Ocampo came and did divisions with us to help us find more people. It was good and I was able to get to know Elder Ocampo more. Turns out that he was in the same sector that i was in Valdivia. It was cool to be able to talk to him about the people there and the members. He is from Mexico and Elder Owens is from Georgia and he has 17 brothers and sisters! all blood related and from the same parents... he is number 14 and is a really nice guy. 
   Thursday we had a zone conference. It was so good and I learned a lot. We talked about first of all, being obedient, and a lot about teaching and studying. We did a lot of practices as well to help us teach better. 
friday we had a lesson with Eduardo and Tamara. Eduardo is the husband of our mamita and the dad of Sebastian, who is leaving ofn a mission and accompanies us a lot. Eduardo believes that the church is true and that the book of mormon is a good book, but doesnt want to be baptized. and everytime the missionaries have a lesson with him (which isn't a lot of times because he works alot) they set him with a baptsimal date. So when we talked with him, we didnt try and push him. we taught about the Book of Mormon and its importance and also prayer. It was soo good and the spirit was definitely there. We commited him to read one chapter everyday in the book of mormon and he said yes.. his wife and son gave their testimonies about the book of mormon and they are goin to read the chapter of the book of mormon together.. Tamara is about 22 years old and is studying to be an english professor. We help her with her homework and after talk a little bit about the church. She has told us thta she doesnt believe our church is true and that hers (7th day adventist) is true. After we hleped her friday with her homework, she told us that her cousin and her uncle have been fighting and there is a lot of contention. She asked us to pray for them. we read 2 Nephi 32 with her and testimfied to her that if she read the book of mormon and prayed everyday, she will feel more peace and happiness and she will recieve guidance on how to help her cousin. She said no because she doesnt want to commit to something that she isnt going to do. So i told her that she has her agency and that we onoly want to help her and that the scriptures will help her. So hopefully she  decides to do it.
   Sunday, President Obeso and his wife showed up to our branch for church.... it was a big suprise. Then I taught gospel princilples class and they attended that class... i was so nervous. I taught the lesson about prayer. Afterward, president Obeso told me that I did a really good job. It was a good experiencece for me and I really enjoyed it
  Today we went with a bunch of other missionaires to the volcano Osorno. It  was so cool and we stopped by a bunch of waterfalls as well. It was so pretty, but it was also really foggy all day, so we couldnt see all of it. But it was still alot of fun. 
  I love all of you so much and i am so glad to be out here in the mission. I have grown so much in the mission and although I am not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes, Christ is there to help me and lift me up.. I am so grateful for him and his atonement. Eventhough he is perfect and is at the top, he wants to bring us up to him. and he will do anything for us if we ask. I know this is true and that the work of the lord is growing. ''the standard of truth'' by Joseph Smith.

Elder Hughes

 Pictures from our visit to the Osorno Volcano today!

My District

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 "I love being out here in the missionfield serving others and meeting new friends"