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October 5, 2014 "I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in the mission"

6 De Octubre
Wow!!... I would just write about the conference because it was so amazing, but all of you probably know that already. It was so good and I learned so much on how to become a better missionary and a better disciple of Christ. The Greengos (Americans) were about to watch it in English in another room. So I was able to understand all of it;) the priesthood session (because of time difference) was at 9:00 and we didn't get to bed until 12:00.... funny story.... There is a man named Jorge that we have befriended and tried to help. He is a less active and has..... well he has a lot of problems. And sometimes he tries to tell us his life story but of the things he has done and we are like, we dont want to know.. and try to change the subject.  The bishop and a few members are helping him even though he lives in another ward. Well we invited him to conference and the Stake Center to watch it. He was there for a little bit of the saturday afternoon session. Then on Sunday he came, but he was a little loopy (drunk and probably high). It was crazy tryijng to get him settled down in the chapel. He kept going around and saying hi to everyone. So we took him to the room where we were going to watch it in English and he was crying and throwing his phone..... it was a lot of fun. Finally we got a member who has helped him before and she took care of it... all in all, it was a good experience, I guess.

  Our investigators are doing a lot better. There are a few families that we are going ot commit to baptism this week. They are both very interested in the church. Also Patricia Diaz committed to be baptized on the 25 of Oct. We had a wonderful lesson with her about prophets, church and the Book of Mormon, she was in tears by the end and told us that she knows the church is true.!!!! Por Fin..... Finally.. hopefully we can help her continue to have that desire the rest of her life. 

  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in the mission. I am learning so much and it is such a blessing. I am able to see how important the gospel is and my testimony of it is strengthened when I see it change the lifes of those we teach. There is an essay by a mission president called the Fourth Missionary. It is so good not only for missionaries but for members too. It applies so well. Try and find it on the internet if you can. I am also grateful for the trust that the Lord has for me to teach his gospel to others and to be a member of his church. I am striving to live up to my responsibility as a son of god to help others come unto Christ. I have also learned that this responsibility is not only for missionaries, but for members as well. It is a life long duty...... ´´Predicad Mi Evangelio´´,,,´´Preach my Gospel´´...

With Love
Elder Hughes 
*The fourth missionary Nathan referred to is by Elder Lawrence E.C. of the first quorum of the seventies and it is 29 pages long. Here is a small part of it.
"So, do you see that the question is not only "are you obedient?" nor is it only, "are you worthy?" Rather, the central question, the critical question is "who are you, and who are you becoming?"

In the parable of the ten virgins five are prepared and enter the Lord's presence and five do not. Why does the Lord choose to use the metaphor of "virgins" in this particular parable? Why not ten maids, or ten servants? Why virgins? It is the only time that He employs the characterization of "virgins" in a parable. Is there a reason?

What does virginity imply? Purity. There were ten worthy, pure maidens and yet five did not enter His presence, despite their worthiness. Why not? He said to them: "Verily I say unto you, I know you not." (Matthew 25:12)

Do not misunderstand; obedience and worthiness are crucial, absolutely essential. Worthiness or purity is a quality of godliness, but it is only one quality of godliness. It is not the whole of it. The question may not be merely "are you worthy, pure and clean?" It may not be only "have you been forgiven of your sins?" It may not even be only "were you obedient?" The central question is more likely to be: "Who are you?" Who are you and who are you becoming?"
Missionaries on a "service" project
               Chopping wood for a sister in our ward....Nathan is truly a giant of a man in every way.


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