Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 "Nothing is more spiritually lifting and strengthens my testimony more than when I see those that I come to love change and come unto Christ."

Where to start..... so monday night at 10pm, Elder Johnson and I recieved a call from Elder Ward (the AP of the north part of the mission...awesome guy). we both got transfered out of Angachilla. they were going to bring Hermanas into our sector, but it got changed that they went into the sector of Elder TErra y Elder Salgado while they went into our sector. we felt the our sector was a little too unsafe for the hermanas (we kinda lived in the sketchy part of Valdivia). Elder Johnson got transfered to Puerto montt and i got transfer to Entre Lagos with Elder Dolinar.so we were scrambiling all day tuesday to do everything, pack, get pictures and give them to people in valdivia and such. we stayed up almost all night tuesday night to pack and get the paperwork fill out, the area book, all that jazz. wednsday morning we left about 10am and i got to entre lagos at about 3pm(after stopping at the terminal in osorno to meet my companion.)  Entre Lagos is so pretty. it is a small town 45 min in bus east of Osorno. there are 4 valcanos that surround area that we can see and there are two lakes on each side. (entre lagos means in between lakes in spanish...)there is a small branch of about 20 people. Elder Dolinar is from Pleasent Grove and has 2 cambios left.. he is almost done with his mission... he is a really nice guy and i am excited to work with him. we have a 16 year old investigator named Sebastian who is so awesome. he is for sure going to be baptized and he knows the book of mormon is true. he is so cool. friday night we went and played basketball with him and Josè. Jose is a member and so is his sister. their parents are not members but are super nice. we rent a house from them and see them everyday. we have a mamita that we go and eat at her house everyday. she is the wife of the branch president. everything was going well for two days and such, but friday night, Elder Dolinar and I got a call from Elder Ward. he said that we were going to have a whitewash(When both missionaries leave the area like with me and Edler Johnson) and a sober cambio(an emergency transfer). we were going to switch areas with two Elders in Rio Negro (black river) the next day. i guess there was a big misunderstanding with some of the members and there was some contention or something.. i dont know a whole lot about it.. so we had to stay up all night packing (again) and left at 10am in the mornign and met with the zone leaders in the Osorno bus terminal. it turns out that one of the elders in Rio NEgro that we were switching with was Elder Holt! (i dont know if i already wrote about him, but we meet each other 4 years ago at EFY and i didnt know that he was here in the same mission until i saw him in a blog spot when before i left, my mom and i were looking through some to see what Chile was like.) he has 1year and 3 months in the mission and is an awesome guy. it was cool to see him again. so this past week has been crazy. meeting so many new people and leaving others as well. my mind is fried trying to learn everyones name, the investigators, menos acitivos.. all of it.... plus Rio Negros use to have a lot of members, but now there are alot of inactive members and lots of iglesias that teach about the Book of Mormon but claim to be Evangelico.. it crazy.. but the memebers are awesome.  They are kind and helpful for us. we have a small branch of about 60 members. Elder Dolinar and i had to teach the Gospel doctrines class sunday because the teacher didnt show up. it was crazy because the guy told us right at the end of sacrament meeting and we had 5 minutes to prepare.. but it was good and we had a good discussion. there is two sectors in Rio Negros and two sets of mssionaries. we live in the same house and the house is huge too... we thought that there would be the other companionship to help us with the sector and the members because they had been there longer, but it turns out that they left as well and then put Elder Root ( my companion in  CCM) and his companion in the other sector.. so all of us were new and none of us knew what was going on.. luckily the member sare awesome and showed us our sectors and helped us a lot..
today we came to Osorno and played basketball with a bunch of other Elders. it was a lot of fun. especially because we have  an inside court in Osorno (the only one in our mission.)
  so that was my week this week. it has been crazy and tiring. but i am here for a reason. i am so glad to be here and to serve others.my testimony has  been strengtened so much. i could not have learned what i have learned any where else. nothing is more spiritually lifting and strenthens my trestimony more than when i see those that i come to love change and come unto Christ. nothing can replace that feeling. even those who i taught for two days in entre lagos:). i love you all and remember, remember, that it is upon the rock of Christ that we most build upon... Helaman 5:12. because nothing else can hold us up and support us like he can. Nephi 31:17-21 is now my favorite scripture.. look it up.. so good.. well all of the Book of Mormon is good and is my favorite but these verses caught my attention..
With Love,
Elder Hughes

Jose and Sebastian after basketball Friday night

Patricia Diaz and her family

One of the volcanoes in Entre Lagos

At a family home evening Tuesday night before we were transferred

Our district in Valdivia

A street sign we came across in Entre Lagos

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