Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014 "This week is transfers and the end of my training!!!"

 So First things first. This week is transfers and the end of my training!!! Crazy.. usually we know who is getting transferred Friday night, but on Tuesday last week we received news from the President that we wont find out until tonight... so i still don't know what the news is on that. so you guys will have to wait until next week to find out. sorry...
     Homecoming looks like it was a blast.. brings back so many memories. I cant believe I already graduated... also, sounds like this week was crazy.  
     This week was sunny and really nice at the first part of the week. I got a little sunburned while playing volleyball. (the ozone layer here is really thin. so you get sunburned really easy). Then Friday until today it just rained like crazy... our investigators are doing well. Patricia Diaz is doing really well. She is trying to stop smoking and has made a lot of progress. But last night we had a lesson with her and it was very spiritual about the 10 commandments and the law of chastity. At the end, she told us that she has this huge debt. Here in Chile, when someone dies, you can rent a spot at he cemetery for three years. If you don't pay a certain amount of money (its a lot.) They move the body. Patricia's mom is buried there and none of her sisters want to help her pay for the spot. She has to come up with the money al tido.. ASAP... the due date is sometime next month. Elder Johnson promised her that if she read at least one verse and prayed with her family everyday, she would some how come up with he money... crazy... also we learned that Claudia (Estebans mom) has cancer in her throat and that the dad of the Family Soto Contreras has cancer in his colon and stomach.. We haven't been able to talk to family Soto contreras this week because they have been gone, but we have a lesson with them tonight.. hopefully they are there and we can help them. Claudia is so strong and when she found out about the cancer, she was with her friend, and she told her friend, let's not talk about it, lets talk about something else.. she is such a happy person and is so strong. the whole family is doing well and is coming to church every week, (well except Freddy and his dad.. still working with them.) After we had a lesson with Freddy and Claudia, a bunch of little girls who were playing came and talked to us. the mom of one of the girls came out and we started talking to her. She didn't want anything the do with the church, but something happened and she told us that she had a  24 year old daughter that died and few years ago and she has a lot of depression and sadness. We told her that we had a message about the next life and so on.. (the plan of salvation).. we have a lesson with her tomorrow.. 
   I cannot express the happiness and joy I feel being out here and helping people overcome their difficulties. It helps me become more humble and recognize my own shortcomings. Even thought I have disappointing moments as well, I am so glad to be here. I know that this church true. The hope and joy it brings into the life of others. Freddy told us how much the gospel has changed his life. Even though he still has a lit more room to improve, he has come so far already. Preaching the gospel has also helped me see how much I don't know about the gospel. D&C 11:21. Preach my Gospel has helped me so much. It is truly a book written by revelation to the prophets and apostles today. I love all of you and pray for you always. 
Elder Hughes
                                                            "Here's to you little sister"
Here is a cool picture that Elder Strate and I found at the airport in Mexico
on the stewardess' cart (sorry he had the picture and he sent it today).

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