Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 "I love you all and remember to always do what Jesus would do."

Well this week went by really fast.. really weird.  Next week is transfers and I will be done with training!! Crazy thought... 

   Aaahh homecoming.. sweet memories of planning and craziness.. Lo Siento... Life is moving by fast. It seems like yesterday I was singing songs in primary about serving a mission... it is weird to think that after my mission I will just leave for college. but i can at least come home on weekends. 
    This week we had inter transfers.. I went with Elder Terra because he is the district leader and because I end my training... he doesn't speak any English, but I could still understand most of what he said. He is such an awesome guy and does a great job as district leader. Our investigators are doing well. We invited the family Soto-Contreras to be baptized on Nov 16  after talking about Lesson 3 and priesthood authority. They are catholic and so we stressed about the priesthood authority and how we are the only ones who have it. when we invited them, the dad said... I have already been baptized..... so we told them to pray about it and see if it is right... hopefully they do it.. We have been doing English classes for three weeks and there  has not been a lot of people.  But we found a nephew of the stake president who is not a member and is interested in learning English because he is going to America for work. He is very receptive and they told us that if we were passing by during once (or dinner..snacking thing) we could eat what them.. so nice. 
    All of the missionaries were given ....a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawerence E. Corbridge. It is so good and if you can find it, read it. It is not only for missionaries but for everyone. Something that caught my attention it is that the ultimate question is not if we are worthy or obedient because like in the parable of the ten virgins, all were morally clean and obedient, but only five entered into the house of the lord.. the  question we must ask ourselves is..... "Who are we and who will we become?"
    Also another thing, here we walk in the streets alot (all the time) and we talk to people all the time. Set a goal to try and talk to someone every week that you don't know and who you know about not just the gospel but to befriend them. It will help your social skills for one thing, but you will get more friends...;) and that is a good thing... I love you all and remember to always do what Jesus would do. Not to ask yourself ''is this wrong'' but ''is it something Christ would do''. 

Love, Elder Hughes

  " For p-day...we played volleyball at the stake center. 

Lots of fun."  (Nate is setting the volleyball)

"Well we finally have a stove. Home made hashbrowns and an omelet. 
10 times better than cereal and oatmeal"

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