Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 "Esteban is getting baptized this Wednesday!"

 What to start with...on Wednesday, all the missionaries in the northern part of the misson went to Osorno for a conference. Elder Fransisco Viñas from the area seventy spoke to us about the atonement. it was so good and i saw people that I knew at the CCM. It was so nice to see them again and to meet other missionaries. 

The 18 of September is party week for the people here in Chile. Cualquier empanadas, meat, bread, and in most places drinking... If we didnt have a lesson with someone, then we had to be in our houses or if a member invited us over, we could go to their house for a while. We ate a lot of food. But I am not complaining.. we had an activity with the stake and also we had one with our ward. One thing is for sure, the Chilean people love fiestas. Also during the party with the ward we had a tug of war. first with elders against the high priest, then the young women and relief society. During the latter, the rope snapped.. it was so unexpected and was a good laugh.

 Last week we gave a blessing to a brother of a member  (Ruth Soto) who had been having a lot of pain and the doctors said it could be cancer. He had an examination the day after the blessing. (we give a lot of blessings as missionaries). well when we went to check on him, his wife said that everything was fine and that he feels much better and they want to start taking lessons!! (he isnt a member). He has another examination coming up and we are praying that everything stays the same.. 

 So Esteban is getting baptized this week on Wednesday!!! He asked Elder Johnson to baptize him and for me to confirm him. and he wants me to give a talk on baptism at his baptism. I am really excited for him, but i am nervous for doing both those things because my spanish is still........ yeah.. But I know that I can do it. It will just be a little rough. I will send pictures next week..

 I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it has a power in conversion. Not just with investigators, but with members as well. Sometimes we say to ourselves that we are to busy to read them, but a cool quote that I heard about that is '' If you are to busy to read your scriptures and pray everyday, then you are busier than God intended you to be''. READ YOUR SCRIPTURES EVERYDAY.. as a family and individually. You wont regret it.

Elder Hughes

"A cool landscape picture I took when we walked to a member´s house for lunch.
 We found out that she live a long ways away.

"Gabriel dancing a Chilean danve with two little chica's at our ward party"
"Here is a picture of a stake party for the celebration of their Independence Day on September 18th.

Last week we had a Family Home Evening with the ward and the missionaries were in charge. The theme was 3 Nephi 18:24.. the light of Christ. We had this maze that pairs of people (one blindfolded and one leading that person) had to go through while others were in the classrooms saying different things trying to confuse the person. At the end we had a puzzle piece with a scripture about the Light of Christ. They took turns reading it and explaining what it meant to them. it was a huge success. 

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