Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014 "I love being able to read the Book of Mormon and then teach people about it."

Thats crazy about all that rain.... I am glad that everyone is okay. I got the package with all of the notes from the Andrus reunion. Thank you sooo much. I am sorry to hear that it didnt rain this year at the reunion.. I loved reading all of them and for all of your love.
  This week we had transfers. Our new district leader and new companion to Elder Salgado is Elder Terra. He is from Santiago, Chile and has been on the mission for 11 months. He is very kind and loving and I know that he will do a great job. Also he has a problem with his foot that causes him to limp and so it is hard for him to walk(and we do a lot of that)...
   At the beginning of the week it rained for about three days straight then four days of sun. It is so nice to see people outside and flying kites. Also it was nice to not be soaking wet by the time we return to our apartments. Our new apartment is nice but small. There is no closet so we got a bookshelf to put all our clothes. We dont have a stove yet but Elder Biggs and his wife (the senior couple that help our zone) are working on that. 
    This week on the 18 of September, is the independence day of Chile. And all they do is party from the 18 to the 21. Lots of food and music and in a lot of cases drinking... we heard that we dont want to be out and about a lot in order ot stay away from the drunk people so that nothing goes wrong. another thing to is if you dont have a Chilean flag on your house by then, they fine you 40,000 chilean pesos (about $80) just for not having one. So they have a lot of patriotism. 
     Esteban is getting ready to be baptized on the 24th. We are so excited for him and are very anxious for him. He is such a good kid and wants to do what is right. The Familia Diaz is doing well also. in that family there is hte grandma Patricia(55). Her husband died a few years ago and used to smoke a lot. But now she is only smoking 2. She is doing very well and wants to be baptized. Carin is one of her daughters and has two kids... Sebastian (10) and Fernanda(12)... and Romina (17) is a grandchild of patricia that lives with her. The others in the family are not progressing much, but Patricia is doing very well. but one of the problems is that she works a lot so we are not able to teach her a lot. 
     This week I have learned a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon and how important it is in the church. For members and investigators. It is truely the keystone to this church and holds everything together. My companion has a issue of the October 2011 Liahona. It is so good and is all about the Book of Mormon. I highly recommend that you read it. I love being able to read the Book of Mormon and then teach people about it. It is such a good book.... whatever problem you have, the Book of Mormon has the answer. You just have to find it, by taking the time each day. 
With Love 
Elder Hughes
*We received another letter from Nate this week that we would like to include as well.
Hey mom and dad. thank you for the packages and for all of the candy... especially for the reese's and kit kats. You cant find any here.  It was so nice to read the letters from everyone at the reunion and to be able to feel all of that love. Will you thank everyone for me. I am trying to write letters to send. But we dont have a lot of time. My challeges have not  changed but I have and that is what makes the difference. One of the biggest changes that I am trying to make is to rely on the Spirit more than on my own understanding (proverbs 3:5-6). I dont have a lot of time because the internet is slow... so yeah...  thanks for Erins blog address. She seems to be doing well and I am so happy for her. Also when I was reading Jenny's note, will you tell her that I was able to read it without any help... I thought it was great. I can finally understand most of the things that people say and  I can basically read without any trouble. The only thing is speaking.... will you tell Tyler to say hi to Krystal for me and have dad tell Tim to send my a picture of his new truck. (I read that in a letter from Jace) also can you send me Jeff Andrus and Kats email.. Thanks  I love you all and pray for you... read your scriptures everyday. They are important. They were written for us. Mormon 8:35. Also that is crazy that Grandma and Grandpa Hughes are coming home from their mission  already... Also will you send pics through email when you can. I love seeing all of your faces and what you are doing.
Elder Hughes

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