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September 1, 2014 "Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes"

September 1, 2014
  First off, thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes. The members here are awesome. Freddy and Claudia gave me some chips and chocolates for my cumpleaños (birthday) and the family that we ate lunch with yesterday gave me some candy as well.  

  Also, The Alverez family had some food and we had a little party at the end of the day. The Alverez family has three sons and one daughter. Guillermo(26) just got off his mission from Spain, Gabriel(24) also just got off his mission form Vine del Mar, Chile and is the Ward Mission leader and is really good at ping-pong(which is a popular sport in Chile and Gabriel plays on the team for a university), Gerson(20) is filling out his mission papers and is really good at basketball(he is one a team that is in the top for in Chile) and Marayllan(18) is going to a university and is filling out her papers too. They are all really nice and so strong in the gospel. They are all really great friends to us and always come with us to lessons.  

  So before my mission I was not a fan of Guacamole and cilantro, did not want to touch it. but now, i love it. They put it on everything (as well as mayonase and tomatoes). 
  With our investigators, it has not been going to well. Most of them are not progressing and are having a hard time. But we have two that are doing really well. Esteban (Claudia and Freddy´s 9 year old son) wants to get baptized. The date we set is September 24. (it is a wednsday because his dad works thursday - sat.) he is doing so well and Claudia is bringing him and the other kids to church everyweek!!! Esteban wants to read the scriptures and is doing eveything he should. Also Ignacio  is a fifteen year old who is very interested and is always asking us when we can teach him next. His grandparents are converts and are strong in the church. Hermano B. (his grandpa) helps us out alot and is so kind. We are going to set a baptismal date with Ignacio for the 18 of October

   Something that I have learned is that life is hard....took me long enough.... and whenever everything is going great and you are cruising, you hit a speed bump. just like in the book of mormon (mosiah 23:21-23), when everything is going great, something comes along and knocks them down. but if you trust in the lord (proverbs 3:5-6) he will help you and you will be able to bear the burden. and i can see that here in the mission field and i have seen it already many times.

  Also there is a quote that the mission president gave to us that says ´´be the missionary that your mom thinks you are´´. Today i came across it again and another phrase came into my mind... ´´be the kind of person that God knows you can be´´... we have the potential to become gods and goddesses, and so does everyone around us. There is a video about a prince in the 1500´s or something like that that was put out by the church... see if you can find it but a phrase i like from it is ´´I will not do what you ask of me to do because i was born to be a King´´...

Elder Hughes

*Note: the video Elder is Hughes is speaking of is of King Louis the XVI. 

"Wearing the apron I got for my B-day from my family to do the dishes!!!"

"Elder Johnson and I at the home of the Alverez Family, celebrating my birthday"

"The one on the far left is Hermano  Ojeda. the uncle of Tina. he is such an awesome guy who is full of love. Everytime we see him he tells us ´Les Quiero Mucho´´ which basically means i love you. he has to us crutches because he has on a boot for his foot. but he can almost take it off."

"So last P-Day, we took the wrong bus and had to walk 2 miles back to our house and we found this place"

"The streets of Valdivia at night, the smoke is from everyones fireplaces."

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