Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 8, 2014 "I Love all of you and wish the best for you"

It still crazy to think that summer is over.... it sounds like life is becoming pretty busy.. here it is just starting to warm up. We moved into a new apartment this week. It is still crazy trying to get everything organized. All of our clothes are still in our suitcases because we dont have a closet, so the senior couple (the Biggs from Wyoming) who are in charge of the northern part of the mission are trying to get one for us. Elder Holt y Elder Salgado live in a separate house than we do, so it is just me and Elder Johnson... Elder Holt is getting transferred to Puerto Montt this Wednesday.

  My spanish is still coming along. it is still hard to understand, but I can understand most of what the people are saying. 

  Esteban is doing really well. There are two other kids who are getting baptized on the 27 of September and Claudia asked Esteban if he wanted to do it then so that there will be more people and more fun even though Freddy would not be able to go. Esteban said that he didn't want to do that because he doesnt care how many people are there as long as his family is there. He is such a good kid and is getting baptized for the right reason. 

  This week has been really rough too. Most of our investigators are not progressing.... we are trying doing all we can but a lot of them are busy and we haven't been able to teach them a lot. We are still doing the best we can with them and putting our trust in the Lord. many times we are cold and wet and have been walking a lot and everything seems against us.. but just as the lord promises Ammon and his brothers in Alma 26:27, if we endure our affliciones, he will give us success in his time. All we can do is work as hard as we can and put everything else in his hands. 

  We have found a man (Florentino) that wants to learn more about the church and is very receptive... so I am excited about him.... 

  I love all of you and wish the best for you. 

Elder Hughes

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