Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 "I love all of you so much!"

 How is the family Paongo? My heart was crushed when I heard about their dad. that is wonderful that the football team did a program for him.
  I am happy to hear that the tennis team is doing well.Thats crazy how much rain has been coming down in Mesquite. It is crazy that Will leaves on wednesday... life is moving too fast. He will do a great job out in the field. The deer hunt sounds like it was a blast. 
  The baptism was so good. Estebans grandma was there and is less active. Hopefully she sees his desire and will gain a desire to return. Esteban told us after the baptism that he feels clean and even told his mom that he would do everything she asks and will be obedient. Claudia started to get emotional after he said that. They are such a special family. Saturday we had two 8 year olds get baptized. Eduardo and Rosio. eduardos grandma nad mom were in active but are re activated now!! he is really shy. Rosio was really excited throughout the whole process. Rosio´s mom is a strong memeber and her dad has been taking missionary lessons for 9 years... after the baptism, Rosio gave her testimony and at the end she got emotional and said that she wants everyone in her family to be baptized. (her dad is the only one not baptized and he was there.)  Estaban's confirmation was really good. i was so nervous and was sweating like crazy. But it was very powerful and i hope everyone could understnad. Thursday we had interviews with President Obeso. He is such and awesome guy and has the love of Christ. You can feel his love for everyone when he walks into the room. 

   Also, i am so excited for general conference!! I have been re reading the talks from last conference and I wish i had studied them more between. But also there is the tallk by Ezra T. Benson called ´´the book of mormon, the keystone to our religion´´. It is so good. ¡¡READ IT POR FAVOR!! he talks about how the family can be strengthened through reading it everyday, children will be more obedient, etc. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and the the power it has to not only start the flame for a testimony for investigators, but also rekindle the flame of a ´´burn-out´´ testimony. Dont triffle with the Book of Mormon!!(read the talk, he talks about trifiling with the book as a member). email me your testimony of the book of mormon after reading the talk. 

I love all of you so much!! here on the mission, you are able to experience the love of Christ for others and it is so powerful to find a random person and to feel a love for them automatically. Moroni 7:47

  Elder Hughes

Estaban's Baptism

The family Hildalgo-Martinez

La Gran Zona Valdivia ! (Interpretation.....they had a  zone conference
 with all the Northern Zones. And a member of the area seventies 
came and spoke)

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