Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello everyone! Como estan??

Hello everyone!! ¿¿Còmo estan?? Good Luck to all of you who are starting school... college, high school, elementry school, and middle school and anyother school I missed..... I can`t believe that summer is already over... well here in Chile the summer is starting... but you get the picture. this week it only rained two days. when it isnt raning, the weather is so nice.

  well for one thing there are alot of dogs. a couple of times a day we have dogs running at us and there is much gnashing of teeth. but good tip to know, dont run away or it will encourage them even more. so we just pretend to be picking up rocks and they run away. and also when you walk all day, it increases your chances of stepping in dog #@! (and there is a lot of it) so I dont like that part. and there is also a lot of cats that are about too.

   the language is coming along. I can understand a little of what people are saying and i can say simple sentences and phrases. but it is getting better. chileans are known for talking really fast and slurring their words together. so after I learn Chilean Spanish, I will understand every other spanish.

   my companion is awesome and such a great help to me. him and the other Elders in our house help lift my spirits. but my companion over the last three weeks has had lots of bumps that itch all over him (they look like mesquito bites mixed with hives). it has not been getting better so we called the person in charge of medical stuff and she concluded what it might hopefully he gets better.

   we do not have have a mamita unfortunately. we take care of breakfast and dinner and go to a members house for lunch (the biggest meal here in Chile). we have a washer to wash our clothes but dont have a dryer (no one does). after we wash our clothes, we hang them in the living room and hope they dry out over a couple of days. (they never become totally dry so that is a pain.)

   so many of our investigators have not been doing so well. the Sanhueza family is struggling a lot. we had a lot of people who committed to be baptiszed this week but all of them fell at the last minute. it has been really depressing but even mormon couldnt change the people. we have been trying to work really hard and have been doing really well. we have found people who are interested and seem to be good people. last week none of our investigators came to church but this week Patricia came and Claudia with her three kids. one of her kids (steven) is 9 and is really interested. he has asked many good questions(like how do you know this things are true). 

i dont have any more time. it is hard because it takes about 40 min to write the mission president (in spanish) then I only have 20 min to write. so if I dont write back.. sorry. I'll try next week. 
Congrats Jacob with your call.  I am so excited for you.

With Love,
Elder Hughes

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