Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11, 2014 "It has been chilly here in Chile"

¡Buenos días!
 How is everything at home?? it has been chilly here in Chile.... and I am in the top part of my mission.... it has rained a lot here as well. This week has been hard. We had a lot of investigators with baptismal dates but fell because they didnt attend church. We invited all of our investigators to church and none of them came.... we need to put them on time-out.... and one investigator who was progressing very well and told us that she wants to wait to get baptized ( her date was August 22). We believe that she may have done something that has made her feel guilty and makes her feel unworthy. This week will be filled with a  lot of work..... our area is pretty big and most of our investigators live on the opposite side from where we live. So we walked A LOT!!!

"Well, the doorways here are pretty small, this is at the church building."
The members here are so awesome. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 people who get baptized here go inactive... so that is a little discouraging, but the members who are active are so awesome and have so much faith and love. Also they cook really good food. I haven't had one bad meal..... the ward mission leader is Gabriel Alverez. He just got back from his mission in Vina Del Mar Chile. He is so awesome and is like our friend. Pablo also got back from his mission recently and is the Elders Qurom President. Likewise, he is like a friend. Gabriel´s brother just got off his mission Wednesday and got called to be a high priest this Sunday.... 

This week we also had zone conference on Friday. It was so good and I got to see Elder Root again...afterwards, the APs ( who are also awesome) went on splits with our district leader ( who lives in the same house as us).

On Thursday, I saw a woman struggling with a bucket full of potatos walking down the street. When we went to go help her. We learned that she was a less active, had just recently moved into the area, and wanted to come back to church. That made my day!! Her name is Maria Gomez. 

So all in all my week has had its ups in downs, but I am so glad to be out here. We have been teaching a lot of lessons about family and family prayer and scriptures study. It made me even more grateful for all of you and for my  family and that I don't realize how much  I love them and how much they mean to me until I don't see them everyday. Thank you all for everything and for the support. 

Also read the two talks in the most recent general conference after the welcome to conference talk. they are so good and talk about burdens and discipleship. also matt. 10:34, 38. 

Elder Hughes

"Zone Conference, Friday, August 8, 2014.With President and Sister Obeso and the Valdivia Zone."
(Yeah! We can see all of Nathan in this picture.....way to go Nate!)

"Do you like the pose? Chopping wood for a single sister in our ward."
"There is a lot of graffiti here and this one caught my eye"

"This is a picture of our chapel."
"Another Elder taught me a cool trick on my rubix cube."
(Elder Hughes" Mom loved seeing a close-up of his nice long fingers)

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