Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nathan's senior year ended with many great are a few
Court of Honor
Nathan and Tyler
May 25, 2014

Nathan and Tyler, best friends, having spent the last 17 years doing
 everything together, including receiving their Eagles' together. 
Nate's wonderful cousins and best friends, Rachel and Erin.
Tyler, Bishop Allen, Nathan, and Brother Haderlie
Great leaders, friends, and mentors
      May 26, Memorial Day...a big day for our family.
 This picture is of Nathan and his grandparents and a few cousins at the St. George Cemetery
visiting his ancestors' graves.
June 1, 2014 Seminary Graduation

June 5, 2014 High School Graduation

June 8, 2014 Farewell
Friends and Great Aunt and Uncle Leo and Susette Sullivan
 and their daughter Stephanie Barnum
                                         June 10, 2014 family trip to the Manti Temple.  Nathan
was able to baptize Brock.  Brock had just turned 12 and received the priesthood the same day as Nate's farewell, so this was his first trip to o baptisms.
Family...the path to eternity 
                                            Nate and his sister             Nate at the water park

    Our next stop was in Salt Lake City to visit other temples and we stayed at Cherry Hill Farm....this picture of Nate helping Matt up over a difficult part of the rock wall is a perfect example of how he is in our home.....helping and lifting.

June 17, 2014

 Our family spent the day.....playing.  We went to the bowling alley, something we had not done for awhile and had a delightful time.  Jayson's family joined us a well.  We spent the evening finishing packing and had a family dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Andrus, and Laurie and kids after Nate was set apart by President Jensen.

A Bunkerville Tradition
Las Vegas Airport

Nathan's flight left t 6:40 am,we left our house at 3:30 am......what a sight we were. Our goodbyes were difficult, we will miss you Nate.



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