Friday, July 4, 2014

Letter for July 1, 2014 (the last post was for June 24, 2014)

Hey!! How are all of you?? The days are going by faster but they are still slow. tomorrow will be three weeks since i have been here at the CCM. the spanish is coming along, but is still difficult. last tuesday i found out that every Tuesday we have Costco pizza for dinner. i guess there is a Costco around somewhere. 
          my district is great. as you said, it seems that i have known them my whole life. Elder Ryan especially. we have become very good friends. he is from Kaysville, Utah. 
          all last week we had an ''investigator'' that didnt know any english. it was hard with communicating because we had only been at the ccm for 2 days. but he turned out to be one of our teachers this week and he is going to college to be an english teacher. his name is Hermano Lara. he teaches us in the afternoon and Hermano Martinez teaches us in the morning. this week we alternate between them everyday and teach them for 20 min. the people here are amazing. the latinos are so nice and loving. they always say hi. it is disrespectful to not say hi... i can get use to that tradition. 
            here at the CCM, you are either assigned to a dorm or house. elder root and i share a dorm with Elder Zentz and Elder Hammond. they are the best. they are both going to Ecuador and are both pranksters. on day they switch our sheets. then one day they took both beds and set them on top of each other, then they switch our closets. took all of my stuff and put it in elder roots closet and took elder roots stuff and put it into mine. they help to raise my spirits. 
 Our teachers have been emphasizing how important it is to have the spirit so that the investigator can feel it. also to teach people, not lessons. we must focus on their needs and what they need to hear instead of what we want to teach them. that has been something that i have needed to change and it has turn my experience around. if you get to know the investigator better (even if they are just fake investigator) you feel a love for them. we begin to feel the love of Christ towards them. last friday, Hermano Martinez taught us about Mosiah 23. he compared our potential to diamonds. to become a diamond, there must be lots of heat, pressure, and time. that is how life is. God sees us as diamonds or our potential to become like Him so he ''polishes'' us to help become a beautiful diamond. Hermano Martinez also shared that there are many shapes and sizes of diamonds and that some require more heat or pressure than others. that is why some people experience more difficulties in life, because God sees their potential. another thing he pointed out is that we need to view everyone as God sees them... as potential Gods and Goddess. 
   the Devotional on Sunday was amazing. we watch a recorded devotional on Sundays and live ones on tuesdays. they played one that David A. Bednar had given 2 years ago. it was amazing. first he said that it is more important to remember how you feel reather than what had been said. as a missionary, i must help the investigators feel the spirit so that they can remember that feeling because you will always remember how you felt. he then talked about Christ and the natural man. the difference between Christ and the natural man is that the natural man turns inward when Christ turns outward. in Matthew 3:8-11, it talks about satan tempting Christ. at the end it says that angels strengthened him. but if you look at the JST, it says that Christ sent angels to minister unto John in prision. Christ, instead of turning inward(even though he had just experienced what he had and deserved to be strengthened spiritually and phyiscally) he turned outward and look for the needs of others. even while he had just finished the atonement in Gethsemane and peter cut off the guards ear, Christ still helped that man even after being through what he had been through. he talks about a lot more but he also said that the greatest conversion in your life is yours. all the members of the church have testimonies, but many are not converted. true conversion is being true to your testimony. that is something that we all need to work on, being converted. 
    everything is going well here. i am tired physically, but spiritually, is the exact opposite. it has been hard, but i can already see blessings and outcomes from it. I hope everyone had fun on the hike. dad, thank you for telling me to go to work. it has kept me going. I love you all and miss you. 

Elder Hughes 

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  1. Thanks for posting these! Just finished reading Nate's letters to my boys while they were going to bed. Brought happy tears to my eyes as I could feel Nate's testimony as I read his words out loud! Looking forward to the next 2 years and experiencing a little of his mission right along with your family!