Friday, July 4, 2014

June 18, 2014 Very First Letter!

Nathan was allowed to send a quick note the night he arrived....we were so thrilled to receive it! Here is the mailing address for the CCM (MTC). How are you!!?? I am doing wonderful. I am still trying to get over the whole elder thing. It will probably hit in a couple days. Ihe flight to pheonix was quick and no problems. Blake is from St. George and is in the same mission I am. In Pheonix we met up with a lot more missionaries.. about 30. It was awesome to see all of them. The flight to mexico was.... uncomfortable.. slept a little bit but mostly taught Blake how to solve the rubix cube. The sight was extraordianary. It was beautiful. Mexico City is huge....... bigger than anything I have ever seen before. The airport went smooth, just long.. on of the elders lost their luggage. hopefully it is on its way.. most of the elders and sisters went on a bus but me and a couple of elders were transported to the CCM in a Mercedes van... and it was stick shift.. another thing about mexico is there is no stop signs or stop lights. everyone just goes for it.. people run out into the middle of the street with carts.. it was crazy. Also seeing all the poverty. The city has 23 million people in it.. everything is going well here at the CCM. My CCM companion is Jess Root. i am excited to get started tomorrow. I found out that I leave for Chile July, 29. My P-days are Tuesdays so I will email you then. I love all of you. Miss you. Elder Hughes

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