Friday, July 4, 2014

It's official!!
What to start with.... Como Estan?? (how are all of you) so much to say and only short amount of time to say it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. tell everyone how much i love them. the plane ride was great. first flight was very short. Elder Kvartford is an awesome guy. he is from St. George and goes to Desert Hills. when we got to Pheonix, we waited for the next flight. missionaries kept coming in and soon most of the people in that gate were missionaries. it has been crazy.. my cold is finally gone. Wednesday was very laid back. but everyday this week has been hard and busy. sixteen hour days everyday. . my companion is Elder Root. it has been fun having him as a companion. Elder Zentz and Elder Hammond are the other companionship in our dorms. they are both going to Ecuador. Elder Zentz is from Ogden and Elder Hammond is from Idaho. they have both been fun to have around. earlier today we left our door open to our room, so they switch our beds and everything. it was very amusing. the other companionship in our dorms were two natives, Elder Yagual and Elder Saugo. they both left monday morning. they were very funny.(even though they spoke very little English.) it helped with our Spanish talking to them. our teacher is Hermano Martinez. he is such a good teacher.
 on thursday, we went to workshops that pointed out that we are teaching people, not lessons. it was very good. we learned that we needed to know our investigator and gain a love for them before you start teaching. once you start getting to know them and you have the spirit, the spirit will do the rest and will help gain a love for them. afterwards, we meet with our branch presidency. they are all wonderful men (even though i cannot remember their name).  outside, it had been raining cats and dogs... and we had all forgotten our umbrellas. we had to run about 1/4 - 1/2 mile to get to our dorms. we were soaked. my shoes are waterproof!! also, throughout the day, fireworks had been going off from people in the city. (probably for the World Cup). 

   on friday we got an investigator!! (we concluded that they were not real because he was wearing garments and he had to sit through 3 hours of new missionaries who knew no Spanish teaching him the gospel) his name is Humberto. each district has an investigator and take 30 minutes everyday teaching him. even though he is not a real investigator, it is such a good experience to practice. finally yesterday(monday) we committed him to be baptized. he had wanted to know where his deceased dad was. when we taught him the 1st lesson, we shared that through thetonement, he could be with his father and God again but only if he obeyed Gods commandments. we shared John 3:5 with him and said that baptism is a commandment and that he must be baptized in order to be with his father. so he said he would be baptized. it is difficult to talk with him because he ¨says he doesnt know any english. i know what i want to say to him, but i dont know how to say it in spanish. but we still fiqure it out in the end. 

sunday was such a wonderful experience. it was nice to take the sacrament and to take a break. everyone in the branch has to prepare a talk (in spanish) because no one knows who will talk. later, we watch a devotional from Elder Richard G Scott. it was wonderful and just what i needed. he talked about missionaries (expecially those who had to learn a language) and how we can receive strength through prayer. he also said we were not put on this earth to fail and we were not put on a mission to fail. also the change from asking for things you want to asking what God wants you to do. such powerful words. then we watched The Testaments. it was such a spiritual booster. but i hate it because it makes me tear up everytime i watch it. but especially now too. while we were getting ready for bed, Elder Root bumped into the shelf that had the iron on it and it fell on his head. nothing serious. just a big goose egg. 

 have i mentioned that it had rained everyday this week. and the weather has been perfect. thunderstorms are very rare where i come from. last night there was thunder soo loud that we saw the windows shake and car alarms went off. it was awesome. 

 sorry i cannot write more. not a lot of time. Congratulations Tyler. it willl bless your life soo much. mine has. I Love all of You!!  Hasta luego.
Love, Elder Hughes
Here are some pics.  There is my district.... Elder Cleverly, Strat, me. Root, Jeppson, Nielson,  Smith, and Elder Ryan. Hermana Maready, Wyatt, Oross, and Hermana Jenkins.  They are all awesome. Seems as though I have known them for my whole life.They are all going to Osorno Chile as well. 

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