Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Although it is hard, difficult, and tiring, it is still so awesome here. I would not give this experience up for anything in the world. I am learning so much.

 I hope everything has been going well for all of you. time is going faster but still feels as though we have been here for years. there is really no need for time and that time does not exist here.
   Elder Root, Elder Zentz, Elder Hammond and I got a new companionship in our apartment. both of their names are Elder Lopez. one is from L.A. but doesn't speak a lot of English. the other is from Columbia. they are both really nice. they are the zone leaders for their zone. Elder Lopez from LA has been out in the field before but got hit by a car and had to have major surgery. unfortunately, the other day he was playing volleyball and stepped wrong and did something to his back. at first, the doctor here at the CCM though he had to have surgery on his back, but it turns out that he just needs to rest. 
     everyday is basically the same. the food is okay but not the best. we study and learn and study more everyday... I am a little anxious to get out into the mission field and actually teach investigators. a district in our zone left yesterday.  one elder in that zone is from Richfield. his name is Spencer Henderson. he is such a nice guy and I was sad to see him go. 
      our zone leaders are Elder Murriel and Elder Williams. Elder Murriel and Elder Ryan are good friends and played basketball against each other in high school. Elder Ryan is from Kaysville Utah and went to Davis High School. Elder Murriel went to Bountiful High school and was the 4A MVP this year. after his mission in Nicaragua, he is going to play basketball for Utah State. 
      Also today during lunch, i ran into Elder Nygaard!! (Dr. Nygaards son)was not expecting that. i thought he was going to the Provo MTC. we talked for a few minutes. i also got my first haircut here at the CCM. although it was good, it wasn't the same as mom´s. 
     although it is hard, difficult, and tiring, it is still so awesome here. I would not give this experience up for anything in the world. i am learning so much. 
     a couple of the biggest things that i have learned this week is that getting released as a missionary is just a calling to be a life- long missionary and that missionary work never ends. just like Peter in the last Chapter of John was asked to feed Christ sheep, we are all called to feed HIS sheep. another is that the spirit cannot work on you if you do not give it something to work with. James 2:18. also that no matter the circumstance, if though you cannot control the circumstance, you can still control your feelings. Philippians 4:11. 
      I hope everything is going well. 

With Love, 
Elder Hughes
My companion and I.....we got caught?!

It rains everyday, I love it! No Sprinklers needed.

Some Elders from my zone, in one of our classrooms.

A picture of a t-shirt they gave all the Elders.

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