Monday, December 29, 2014

  MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I had a wonderful Christmas talking to my family and seeing their faces. It gave me such a big energy boost. 
    So funny story... Christmas eve we had dinner with a family. And we ate a lot of meat!! lamb, cow, pig, sausage, chicken, etc.. it was awesome.. but after the dinner we were walking home and I saw a drunk guy (like so drunk that he was moving more sidewase than straight) starting to cross the street.. then I saw a small truck coming toward him.. I jokingly said to my companion ``I hope he doesn't get hit," but I thought that the truck would slow down for the guy, but it didnt.. luckily it swurved just in time and nicked the guy with the side mirror.. the drunk guy fell and we went out go help him.. I thought that he had died or something but he was fine... we tried to help him get up but he told us ``leave me alone, I am trying to sleep``. The lady that hit him called the police and they got it taken care of.          Then the next morning we opened our presents and ate our candy ;).. then we had lunch with other members and we had more meat.. it was sooo good. Then all four of us (me, Elder Holt, Elder Winward, and Elder Linford)  went to another members house and skyped our familes. We had a rule that we couldnt go out side of our house unless we had a set appointment. So we had a lot of study time.. 
     Saturday, there was a baptism of Dayris, the daughter of Hermano Jacob. He just got the Melchezidek priesthood and was able to baptize her and confirm her. It was soo awesome to see him do that. They had to do it twice (the baptism) because he didnt say a word.. but other then that it was neat. We have been helping him to get ready for it and prepare everything for it. I have come to love that guy so much. He is the most humble guy I have met here in the mission.. also Magdelena came to the baptism!!! She really liked it and the memebrs were awesome to welcome her nad make her feel welcomed. And she also cam to church!!! all 3 hours!!! usually investigators stay for sacrament only but she went to all!! It was so awesome that she was able to come. We learned that she has to retake a class again because she didnt pass.. but even thought that happened, she was still happy. She still has a baptismal date for 24th of January.. 
      This week i found a scripture from Luke 6:46-49. it is so good .
46 ¶And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?

 47 Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like:

 48 He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.

 49 But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.

Great scripture and bascially explains itself. We should always do the things that we hear everyweek.. we should apply what we learn and hear so that we can recieve the blessings. We should exspecially do the things that are the seminary answers like read pray and attend church. Those three things are the three indicators that an investigator is progressing. If they do the,, then they will gain a testimony. And as members, sometimes we forget to do those things or we are lazy.. we should always do the basics so that when the trials come, we do not fall.. Helaman 5 : 12. 

With Love 
Elder Hughes

"Baptism of Dayris(Jacob's Daughter)"

Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 25, 2014 "Our family skyping with Elder Hughes on Christmas Day!"

Tyler talking with Elder Hughes on Christmas Day. Elder Hughes was skyping from a members house and he looked amazing! We were able to visit for 40 minutes and Elder Hughes' teary message at the end to us was to improve our daily family traditions that bring us closer to our Savior. Daily family scriptures study, daily family prayer, weekly Family Home Evening. Seeing Nathan was a great blessing and comfort, a great Christmas gift indeed.  The last thing Tyler said to Nathan was that when they talk again on Mothers Day, Tyler will have his call and they will be able to talk for one last time before Tyler leaves this summer.

December 22, 2014 " I dont know about you guys but I am really excited for Christmas "

Hey!!! I dont know about you guys but I  am really excited for Christmas (probably because I am going to be able to talk with my family) plus for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ.... which is a gift that God gave to us (John 3:16) and also for the gift that Christ gave us (the atonement).
   This week was a little crazy..... Elder Holt got strep throat and we stayed inside all day Thursday. Friday we had a Christmas party with the Osorno and Rahue zone, then we sang at the plaza in Osorno.. that was a lot of fun and we talked to a lot of people. Then saturday, eveyone came to Rio Negro and sang there as well.. it was awseome to be able to help others feel the spirit through songs..    
   Also earlier in the week we knocked on the door of a family and the dad answered. When he saw us he acted really sarcastically (basically mocking) and invited us in... at first we could tell that he was just playing around and trying ot make fun of us.. but we started talking about the family and him and his wife change from sarcastic to really intested in what we were saying. i showed them a picture of my family and were suprised about how many brothers and sisters i have.. I was really proud to show off my family to them. They had a 9 year old son and another on the way. they were not really interested in the religious part of our message, but they loved what we shared about families. It helped me realize how grateful I am for my family and the knowledge I have that we can live together forever.. I was very grateful to be able to help them strengthen their family and to share with them what I have been able to have all my life.. even though they probably wont get baptised anytime soon, we will still talk with them and try to help them become closer as a family.. we have been trying to get a hold of our investigator, but she had a really big ezam this week in her college. Basically if she doesnt get a certain score, she has to take the class all over again. She takes it today, so hopefully she does well. but she has been reading the Book of Mormon and really loves it.. I cant blame her... 
    Sunday the speakers ended really quickly so they had extra time, so they asked me to bear my testimony about Christmas and I was greateful to share my feelings about Christmas.. 
    I have been trying to finish reading the general conference in April before I begin on october conference, and I read a talk by Elder Uchdorf about being greateful. About being grateful not for the things you have (because sometimes in life we will have less things then what we had ) but having a grateful attitude.. and with the holiday season, we can be grateful for so many things.. and if we have the attitude of gratitude, we will be more happier in whatever circumstance.. 

with love,
Elder Hughes
Osorno and Rahue Zones'Christmas Party

Another Chilean sunset

Elder Hughes and Elder Kevesdy at the zone party

A selfie  group the red ties!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 15, 2014 "I am also excited for Christmas... Christmas in the summer?!! "

   Well, the weather has begun to warm up.. most of the time I am just wearing a short sleeve white shirt.. it is not that hot here but the suns rays are very strong. (I wear sunscreen) also my backpack is turning from black to brown becaus of the sun... 
    My new companion (Elder Holt) is awesome. We both teach well together and get along with each other.. also this pday we played basketball at the stake center and last pday we had a barbeque with the zone.. it was so good.... the sausage here is amazing.. for sure I will miss that when i leave.. Thursday will be my 6 month anniversary!!! It is crazy that I am 1/4 of the way done with my mission... but I try not to think about that.. it is fun here to contact people.. most of the time they dont want anything or cross the street before we get to them.. one guy almost got hit by a car while crossing.. I  thought it was amusing, but I am glad he didnt get hit.. it is hard sometimes because most of the people have hard hearts and dont even listen to us.. they just repeat back random things about the bible or something like that... we have been trying ot have more of a focus on trying to help the pelpe increase their faith in Christ and his teachings, not on getting more members adn it is has helped me alot to focus more on Christ because we are his representatives and are doing his work.. it is hard when we are just trying to help other come closer to Christ and they reject us becuase they automaticaly think that we are trying ot get them to our church.... but they have their agency and such. 
     We taught Magdelena and she accepted to be baptized on january 24th!!! She is doing well and is going to try and bring her younger sister to church with us!! we invited them this week but they slept in... but they are going to come next week!!!
   And in Osorno, there is a walmart. and today we cant shop there becasue the workers went on strike.. just thought you guys would like to know.  
I am also excited for Christmas... Christmas in the summer?!!  It is something that we use to try and talk to people because almost everyone likes Christmas!!
    Thursday, we had a devotional by a doctor who is the doctor for all the missions in Chile. He talked about perfectionism and how it will only bring us anger and depression because we cannot become perfect.. it is an unreachable goal.. also dyc 1:19,23; 121:34; 6:22-23; 35:13; 133:59; ether 3:2; Moses 6:31-34 talk about how God choses the weak to do his work. It was awesome and helped me out alot. Also how we have the atonement to help us.. it is already paid for, so we have to humble ourselves and accept that we are not perfect, but we should always try. 2 Nephi 25:23.  Also read the talk his grace is sufficent.. awesome talk about that. I love you guys and hope for the best.. keep doing what is right and never ever give up.

With Love,
Elder Hughes
"Volcano Osorno"
"The volcano our zone climbed a month ago"

"Three of the four volcanoes around Rio Negro"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014 "I dont know about you guys but I love this month of December"

... there is such an awesome spirit about it.. everyone  (well most people) are willingly to talk about Christ and his birth. we have been trying to invite peorple to watch the new christmas video of the church.. I love being able to talk to others about Christ and his gospel..
   So Elder Dolinar (my last companion) finished the mission Tuesday and my new companion is Elder Holt. he is from Lehi, Utah and was my district leader in Valdivia (my first sector). So it was pretty awesome to see him again and we are both getting along really well. Elder Linford (the other elder in our house) is training Elder Winward. Having him reminds me of when I first arrived in chile. It is so weird.. time is flying by too fast... 
    Yesterday and saturday we had stake conference. Our mission president was there and it was so awesome. One of the speakers siad that we become closer to Christ when we suffer afflictions or trials. We come to realize his love and his hand in our lives. We grow and learn as well.. and it is so true. I have see the importnave of the hard trials and hard things in our lives becuase without them, we would never experience joy or peace or the feelng of overcoming an obstacle or learning that we can do hard things. 
        Our investigators are doing really well... we are trying work with a lot of the less active members... here in Chile, 15% of members are active.. many of the menos activos have been offended, or they work, or.. lots of other excuses... but really what it comes down to is that like is says in Helama 5:12, that our foundation needs to been built on Christ.. We have to ask ourselves, are we built on Christ??, or the members? or the activities? or the church??   in everyone of the menos activos, I could see that they were  not built on Christ. and I could see that before my mission, I was not really built on Christ either.. but now I have been working to constuct my testimony on christ.. if we are truely built on chirst, them he will support us.. becuase he loves us and he wants to help us.. but sometimes we give into the natural man and build on something else.. adn if it is not of Christ, then it is of the devil.. and we will always be building our testimony. We will never be done in this life, and we must strive to build it securely so that we will not fall.. study how you can build your foundation on Christ. 
Elder Hughes

Rio Negro River


Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 "We love you Elder Hughes!"

The day before Thanksgiving, I looked over and found Elizabeth, Elder Hughes' little sister hugging Elder Hughes' picture.  When I returned with the camera, she was just staring at it.  When she noticed the flash...she turned to me and very clamly said, "I miss him." This was a very spontaneous incident, brought about by love for her brother, a reminder that he isn't forgotten...even by one so young.
                                                           ~Elder Hughes' Mom

December 1, 2014 "Magdelena asked us what our view is about children with what did we teach her, we taught her all about the Plan of Salvation and why people are like that. I shared with her my testimony about how Jeffrey has blessed my life and how someday I will see him with a perfect body."

"A Brother in our ward.....standing on a chair."

Today I learned that my new companion is Elder Holt.. My old district leader in Valdivia. I will be staying in Rio Negro and also Elder Root is going to be going back to Valdivia.. and Elder Linford will stay in rio negro with me and be training someone.
    So this week has been amazing. We have found about four new people to teach. Now that Elder Dolinar is about to leave our area is doing really well. So Magdelena (the new person we found last week) had another test in her english class and needed help (she had to be able to have a conversation in english for 7 minutes). So we went and helped her study and after we promised her that if she read the Book of Mormon that night and the next day for her test, she would do better and be able to focus better. The next day after the test we ran into her and she READ!! and told us that she felt that she had done really well.. then when she learned that Elder Dolinar was going to leave, she had us come over the next day to teach us how to make fried sushi.. (she works at a sushi bar).. it was really cool to learn how to make sushi and it was suprisingly really good.  So there is a huge fundraiser that they do here in Chile every year to raise money for children who have disabilities. And it was this weekend. Magdelena asked us what our view is about children with what did we teach her.... we taught here all about the plan of salvation and why people are like that. I shared with her my testimony about how Jeffrey has blessed my life and how someday I will see him with a perfect body.  It was such a great lesson. We are going to work on setting her with a baptismal date.
    Also we had intercambios this week (i cant remember how to say that in english soooo take your best guess). Thursday Elder Root and I were together for the whole day.. ( Elder Root and I were in the CCM together and neither of us know spanish very well) but suprisingly it went really well. We found an in active member who is a sister to one of the members. We talked for a while and from what we were able to pick out. She has a lot of feelings toward other members and they have done a lot of things to her and her family.  For example one sunday they walked into church and some said `` ahhh great, here comes the sinners`` or something like that.. but she was really offended and doesnt want ot go back to church and neither do her husband and son. I shared Helaman 5:12 and we tried to help here understand that our foundation should be built on Christ and not the members. She still wasnt satisfied, so I shared Helaman 3:33-35. After she read it she thought for a while... and we explained that through prayer and fasting, we can recieve strength and become more like Christ... then Elder Root shared his testimony. It was so powerful and I could feel the spirit. After he was done I shared my testimony as well and Elder Root invited her to read the Book of Mormn everyday. Not to come to church but to start reading again... and she said she didnt want to. So after that, we kind of ended it there and said if she ever needed help with anything to call us and we left our number. Also yesterday, Elder Dolinar and I knock on the door of an older gentleman and he told us that he had talked with missionaries before.  We talked  a little about the Book of Mormon and he said that he has never read it and never will. He is a stong catholic and I was trying to figure out what I should say to him and the thought came to my mind to ask him why the Bible was special to him and how he knew it was true. He said that if 200 people came up to him and told him something was true that he couldnt know for sure until he found out for himself. I asked him if he had prayed to know and he said that he had and that he believes that the bible is the only word of God and taht it says nothing about the Book of Mormon.  I told him that the old testement had nothing about the new testament... then he tried to change the subject by saying that he has friends who were Mormons and told him that the Book of Mormon is not true....Then we contradicted him by what he had said earlier how if 200 people told him something.... after that I just bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and that all we invite him to do is to read the Book of Mormon and find out if it is true just as he had with the Bible. He then told us that he didnt want to..... also we met a guy that said that the Book of Mormon didnt talk about Christ  We didnt let him get away with that and showed him how many times it talks about Christ in one chapter, then he said that it didnt say anything about Moses, we then pointed to where it talked about Moses and he then said.. ``Oh, well thats Moses.. but it doesnt say anything about Isaiah..`` then it said Isaiah one line below.. I learned that even if you have the Spirit and if you are teaching truth and even if the people can see it right in front of their nose, they will still deny it and not have a desire because their hearts are set on one thing and nothing will make them think different. They dont want to change... as humans and children of God, we are meant to change all the time to become better and to progress. we should never stop rying to change for the better, because if we are not, then we are changing into something worse, because we are always changing..... and we are the ones who decide how we are changing.  I know that this Church is true. Follow Christ and his example so that he can help you. He cannot guide our steps if we are not taking any steps toward him. 
With Love,
Elder Hughes 

"Our thanksgiving dinner (that we made homeade.. so awesome. fruit salad, potatos.etc)"

"Here is a cool picture of a rainbow, but my camera is not high definition, so picture it 100 times brighter and cooler".

"We helped Brother Jacob plant potatoes"

"The Familia Sanchez

"Making sushi"

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 "I know that through fasting, we can learn new things and receive answers to our prayers. I am so glad that our Father in Heaven loves us enough to help us grow and to do things that are hard so that we can learn and progress"

                            The Osorno Volcano, the one my district visited 2 weeks ago.

This week was really nice weather. It is starting to warm up and most of the time I just wear a long sleeve white shirt.
  We have an investigator named Eduardo (the husband of the mamita). He has known the church for a long time but does not want to get baptized right now. At first we didn't know what to teach him, but we felt that we should read the Book of Mormon with him and challenge him to read it with his wife and son everyday. Although they have not read everyday, they have been reading and he is beginning to change. On Saturday, when we went to lunch, his wife told us that the day before at his work, they had to get the religion of all the employees. everyone was saying catholic or evangelico, but when they asked him he said that he was Mormon. Everyone turn around and stared at him. It was so cool to hear that, even though he isn't baptized, he considers the LDS Church as his church. Plus she told us that he blesses his food at work even though everyone stares. It is awesome to see the change in him. and also him and his wife came to church this Sunday. it was so awesome to see them both there, even though they left after sacrament meeting.. and the talks were about eternal marriage!!!  
      Also this week, I started playing the piano in sacrament meeting!! We have a keyboard piano at the church that I practice on. I wish I had continued learning how to play the hymns so that i would not have to be so stressed to learn them now in the field..( wink wink to all of you teenagers that don't want to play the piano anymore...)
     So I learned that Elder Dolinar, my companion, finishes the mission this cambio, in 11 days. He was trying to keep it a secret, but I found out about it finally, he almost got away with it. 
     Thursday  decided to do a personal fast to help us find more people to teach and to be able to have strength to work hard. toward the end of the day, we found a 21 year old (Magdelena) and her mom(Marcia) who own a little store close to our house. Magdelena needed help with her English homework because she had a test coming up in her college. We helped her with that and after, her and her mom asked us questions about the church and why we are here in Chile. They are so nice and gave us food for helping her with her homework. They said that we can stop by another time and talk more.. It was such an awesome experience and strengthen my testimony on fasting. Alma 5:45-46 and Helaman 3:33-35 are really good scriptures about fasting. I know that through fasting, we can learn new things and receive answers to our prayers. I am so glad that our Father in Heaven loves us enough to help us grow and to do things that are hard so that we can learn and progress. I am so grateful for this church and for my family. God has given us them so that we can learn and grow as well. They are both central to Gods plan and should be the most important things to us.....(besides God and the scriptures(;   ).

Elder Hughes
A house in the country we walk by

A Chilean Sunset

A Chilean spring day.

Friday, November 21, 2014

My apologies for the delay on the last two posts, we have been out of town and then trying to get back into a routine again. Many Thanks for checking Elder Hughes' blog....especially when it's not current.  See you next Monday!    ~Nathan's Mom

November 17, 2014 " I have learned that the best way to learn a principle is to teach it, that is why a mission is so important."

So the past couple weeks I have been complaining about the rain, but this week was pure sun... even though it doesnt get to hot, the sun rays are a lot stronger down here. The ozone layer is the very thin and so we feel everything.. I havent been sunburned badly yet but you can still feel it. The weather down here is warming up and it is really pretty. 
   Wednesday, Elder Russell M. Nielson, his wife, Elder Viñas from the 70's and his wife came and spoke to us. It was so cool. we got to shake his hand. The mere presence of an apostle is just overwhelming. All four of them spoke and gave really good talks. Sister Nielson gave a really good talk about not wasting time and using it wisely. Also on how we can receive answers to our prayers through general conference and other church meetings. Elder Nielson talk about a lot of stuff, but two things that stood out to me was diligence and loving the lord. he said that if we are not struggling and dont have any trials, then we are not progressing. there is opposition in all things and we can know if what we are doing is right if it is hard and we struggle with it. (WATCH THIS VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE how the atonement applies to missionaries... so good.. please watch it). Also he said that if we love the lord first, then we will have the capacity to love others. What was funny was that he told us that when we look for a future spouse, we need to make sure they love the Lord first, and that we must love the Lord first. Talking to a bunch of missionaries about marriage was a little funny. 
   Our investigators are doing better. We have been trying to read the Book of Mormon with them and  can see a huge difference in the lessons. The Book of Mormon is true and has a power that no other book has. The Book of Mormon is truely the word of God and is the keystone to our religion. For example, we read 1 Nephi 1 with an investigator and his wife who werent progressing much, and at the end they were like.. this is such and good chapter i love it, and i was thinking to myself, it is only 1 Nephi 1, I have read it who know how many times, it is not even the best chapter.. i am so grateful to have the gospel in my life. 
   Our area has been a little tough. The missionaries have been there for a long time and almost every one has talked to missionaries before. There are a lot of peolpe who dont want anything to do with us and alot of people in the streets treat us like we are criminals or something (or they know that we will probably try to contact them).. but it is crazy. For  example, saturday and sunday it seemed that everyone in the street hated us and that all the dogs we past tried to kill us... there is a lot of hard feelings between members.. there are a lot of offended people..  it was really rough. buit last night toward the end of the day, we found a young man with his daughter and he is so nice and wants to hear our message. Also it was right by our house and we were about to go in, but Elder Dolinar at the last second said hey, lets contact this guy. it was a testimony builder for me. 
    I am glad for the Gospel and for the oppurtunity I have to share it with others. I am grateful for my family. almost everyone that I show my pictures of my family (immediate and extended) and they all say what a beautiful family i have and what a blessing it must be to have all the members in my family belong to the church. It is a blessing that I took for granted. Also, I have learned that the best way to learn a principle is to teach it. that is why a mission is important and why it is important to share the gospel. I have learned more in these 5 months than i have in all the 19 years of my life. My testimony has been strenthened a hundred fold. Also, how Elder Nielson said that we must love God first so that we have the capacity to love others is an important principle to apply in every situation. with marriage, friendships, children, church, everything. If we are having a hard time loving some one.. love the Lord and you will be able to.
Elder Hughes

"More pictures of the Osorno Volcano from last week, this river was at the bottom."

November 10, 2014 "Even thought He is perfect and at the top, He wants to bring us up with Him. I know He will do anything for us if we ask."

 So, I can now say that i have felt an earthquake. Tuesday morning as I was saying my prayers, I felt the bed and the floor moving. I was so confused.. but the other Elders felt it and so did the people we talked to that day. It wasnt big enough to do any damage, but it was big enough to feel it. it was such a cool feeling. 
   Wednesday, our zone leaders, Elder Owens and Elder Ocampo came and did divisions with us to help us find more people. It was good and I was able to get to know Elder Ocampo more. Turns out that he was in the same sector that i was in Valdivia. It was cool to be able to talk to him about the people there and the members. He is from Mexico and Elder Owens is from Georgia and he has 17 brothers and sisters! all blood related and from the same parents... he is number 14 and is a really nice guy. 
   Thursday we had a zone conference. It was so good and I learned a lot. We talked about first of all, being obedient, and a lot about teaching and studying. We did a lot of practices as well to help us teach better. 
friday we had a lesson with Eduardo and Tamara. Eduardo is the husband of our mamita and the dad of Sebastian, who is leaving ofn a mission and accompanies us a lot. Eduardo believes that the church is true and that the book of mormon is a good book, but doesnt want to be baptized. and everytime the missionaries have a lesson with him (which isn't a lot of times because he works alot) they set him with a baptsimal date. So when we talked with him, we didnt try and push him. we taught about the Book of Mormon and its importance and also prayer. It was soo good and the spirit was definitely there. We commited him to read one chapter everyday in the book of mormon and he said yes.. his wife and son gave their testimonies about the book of mormon and they are goin to read the chapter of the book of mormon together.. Tamara is about 22 years old and is studying to be an english professor. We help her with her homework and after talk a little bit about the church. She has told us thta she doesnt believe our church is true and that hers (7th day adventist) is true. After we hleped her friday with her homework, she told us that her cousin and her uncle have been fighting and there is a lot of contention. She asked us to pray for them. we read 2 Nephi 32 with her and testimfied to her that if she read the book of mormon and prayed everyday, she will feel more peace and happiness and she will recieve guidance on how to help her cousin. She said no because she doesnt want to commit to something that she isnt going to do. So i told her that she has her agency and that we onoly want to help her and that the scriptures will help her. So hopefully she  decides to do it.
   Sunday, President Obeso and his wife showed up to our branch for church.... it was a big suprise. Then I taught gospel princilples class and they attended that class... i was so nervous. I taught the lesson about prayer. Afterward, president Obeso told me that I did a really good job. It was a good experiencece for me and I really enjoyed it
  Today we went with a bunch of other missionaires to the volcano Osorno. It  was so cool and we stopped by a bunch of waterfalls as well. It was so pretty, but it was also really foggy all day, so we couldnt see all of it. But it was still alot of fun. 
  I love all of you so much and i am so glad to be out here in the mission. I have grown so much in the mission and although I am not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes, Christ is there to help me and lift me up.. I am so grateful for him and his atonement. Eventhough he is perfect and is at the top, he wants to bring us up to him. and he will do anything for us if we ask. I know this is true and that the work of the lord is growing. ''the standard of truth'' by Joseph Smith.

Elder Hughes

 Pictures from our visit to the Osorno Volcano today!

My District

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 "I love being out here in the missionfield serving others and meeting new friends"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 "Nothing is more spiritually lifting and strengthens my testimony more than when I see those that I come to love change and come unto Christ."

Where to start..... so monday night at 10pm, Elder Johnson and I recieved a call from Elder Ward (the AP of the north part of the mission...awesome guy). we both got transfered out of Angachilla. they were going to bring Hermanas into our sector, but it got changed that they went into the sector of Elder TErra y Elder Salgado while they went into our sector. we felt the our sector was a little too unsafe for the hermanas (we kinda lived in the sketchy part of Valdivia). Elder Johnson got transfered to Puerto montt and i got transfer to Entre Lagos with Elder we were scrambiling all day tuesday to do everything, pack, get pictures and give them to people in valdivia and such. we stayed up almost all night tuesday night to pack and get the paperwork fill out, the area book, all that jazz. wednsday morning we left about 10am and i got to entre lagos at about 3pm(after stopping at the terminal in osorno to meet my companion.)  Entre Lagos is so pretty. it is a small town 45 min in bus east of Osorno. there are 4 valcanos that surround area that we can see and there are two lakes on each side. (entre lagos means in between lakes in spanish...)there is a small branch of about 20 people. Elder Dolinar is from Pleasent Grove and has 2 cambios left.. he is almost done with his mission... he is a really nice guy and i am excited to work with him. we have a 16 year old investigator named Sebastian who is so awesome. he is for sure going to be baptized and he knows the book of mormon is true. he is so cool. friday night we went and played basketball with him and Josè. Jose is a member and so is his sister. their parents are not members but are super nice. we rent a house from them and see them everyday. we have a mamita that we go and eat at her house everyday. she is the wife of the branch president. everything was going well for two days and such, but friday night, Elder Dolinar and I got a call from Elder Ward. he said that we were going to have a whitewash(When both missionaries leave the area like with me and Edler Johnson) and a sober cambio(an emergency transfer). we were going to switch areas with two Elders in Rio Negro (black river) the next day. i guess there was a big misunderstanding with some of the members and there was some contention or something.. i dont know a whole lot about it.. so we had to stay up all night packing (again) and left at 10am in the mornign and met with the zone leaders in the Osorno bus terminal. it turns out that one of the elders in Rio NEgro that we were switching with was Elder Holt! (i dont know if i already wrote about him, but we meet each other 4 years ago at EFY and i didnt know that he was here in the same mission until i saw him in a blog spot when before i left, my mom and i were looking through some to see what Chile was like.) he has 1year and 3 months in the mission and is an awesome guy. it was cool to see him again. so this past week has been crazy. meeting so many new people and leaving others as well. my mind is fried trying to learn everyones name, the investigators, menos acitivos.. all of it.... plus Rio Negros use to have a lot of members, but now there are alot of inactive members and lots of iglesias that teach about the Book of Mormon but claim to be Evangelico.. it crazy.. but the memebers are awesome.  They are kind and helpful for us. we have a small branch of about 60 members. Elder Dolinar and i had to teach the Gospel doctrines class sunday because the teacher didnt show up. it was crazy because the guy told us right at the end of sacrament meeting and we had 5 minutes to prepare.. but it was good and we had a good discussion. there is two sectors in Rio Negros and two sets of mssionaries. we live in the same house and the house is huge too... we thought that there would be the other companionship to help us with the sector and the members because they had been there longer, but it turns out that they left as well and then put Elder Root ( my companion in  CCM) and his companion in the other sector.. so all of us were new and none of us knew what was going on.. luckily the member sare awesome and showed us our sectors and helped us a lot..
today we came to Osorno and played basketball with a bunch of other Elders. it was a lot of fun. especially because we have  an inside court in Osorno (the only one in our mission.)
  so that was my week this week. it has been crazy and tiring. but i am here for a reason. i am so glad to be here and to serve testimony has  been strengtened so much. i could not have learned what i have learned any where else. nothing is more spiritually lifting and strenthens my trestimony more than when i see those that i come to love change and come unto Christ. nothing can replace that feeling. even those who i taught for two days in entre lagos:). i love you all and remember, remember, that it is upon the rock of Christ that we most build upon... Helaman 5:12. because nothing else can hold us up and support us like he can. Nephi 31:17-21 is now my favorite scripture.. look it up.. so good.. well all of the Book of Mormon is good and is my favorite but these verses caught my attention..
With Love,
Elder Hughes

Jose and Sebastian after basketball Friday night

Patricia Diaz and her family

One of the volcanoes in Entre Lagos

At a family home evening Tuesday night before we were transferred

Our district in Valdivia

A street sign we came across in Entre Lagos

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014 "This week is transfers and the end of my training!!!"

 So First things first. This week is transfers and the end of my training!!! Crazy.. usually we know who is getting transferred Friday night, but on Tuesday last week we received news from the President that we wont find out until tonight... so i still don't know what the news is on that. so you guys will have to wait until next week to find out. sorry...
     Homecoming looks like it was a blast.. brings back so many memories. I cant believe I already graduated... also, sounds like this week was crazy.  
     This week was sunny and really nice at the first part of the week. I got a little sunburned while playing volleyball. (the ozone layer here is really thin. so you get sunburned really easy). Then Friday until today it just rained like crazy... our investigators are doing well. Patricia Diaz is doing really well. She is trying to stop smoking and has made a lot of progress. But last night we had a lesson with her and it was very spiritual about the 10 commandments and the law of chastity. At the end, she told us that she has this huge debt. Here in Chile, when someone dies, you can rent a spot at he cemetery for three years. If you don't pay a certain amount of money (its a lot.) They move the body. Patricia's mom is buried there and none of her sisters want to help her pay for the spot. She has to come up with the money al tido.. ASAP... the due date is sometime next month. Elder Johnson promised her that if she read at least one verse and prayed with her family everyday, she would some how come up with he money... crazy... also we learned that Claudia (Estebans mom) has cancer in her throat and that the dad of the Family Soto Contreras has cancer in his colon and stomach.. We haven't been able to talk to family Soto contreras this week because they have been gone, but we have a lesson with them tonight.. hopefully they are there and we can help them. Claudia is so strong and when she found out about the cancer, she was with her friend, and she told her friend, let's not talk about it, lets talk about something else.. she is such a happy person and is so strong. the whole family is doing well and is coming to church every week, (well except Freddy and his dad.. still working with them.) After we had a lesson with Freddy and Claudia, a bunch of little girls who were playing came and talked to us. the mom of one of the girls came out and we started talking to her. She didn't want anything the do with the church, but something happened and she told us that she had a  24 year old daughter that died and few years ago and she has a lot of depression and sadness. We told her that we had a message about the next life and so on.. (the plan of salvation).. we have a lesson with her tomorrow.. 
   I cannot express the happiness and joy I feel being out here and helping people overcome their difficulties. It helps me become more humble and recognize my own shortcomings. Even thought I have disappointing moments as well, I am so glad to be here. I know that this church true. The hope and joy it brings into the life of others. Freddy told us how much the gospel has changed his life. Even though he still has a lit more room to improve, he has come so far already. Preaching the gospel has also helped me see how much I don't know about the gospel. D&C 11:21. Preach my Gospel has helped me so much. It is truly a book written by revelation to the prophets and apostles today. I love all of you and pray for you always. 
Elder Hughes
                                                            "Here's to you little sister"
Here is a cool picture that Elder Strate and I found at the airport in Mexico
on the stewardess' cart (sorry he had the picture and he sent it today).

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 "I love you all and remember to always do what Jesus would do."

Well this week went by really fast.. really weird.  Next week is transfers and I will be done with training!! Crazy thought... 

   Aaahh homecoming.. sweet memories of planning and craziness.. Lo Siento... Life is moving by fast. It seems like yesterday I was singing songs in primary about serving a mission... it is weird to think that after my mission I will just leave for college. but i can at least come home on weekends. 
    This week we had inter transfers.. I went with Elder Terra because he is the district leader and because I end my training... he doesn't speak any English, but I could still understand most of what he said. He is such an awesome guy and does a great job as district leader. Our investigators are doing well. We invited the family Soto-Contreras to be baptized on Nov 16  after talking about Lesson 3 and priesthood authority. They are catholic and so we stressed about the priesthood authority and how we are the only ones who have it. when we invited them, the dad said... I have already been baptized..... so we told them to pray about it and see if it is right... hopefully they do it.. We have been doing English classes for three weeks and there  has not been a lot of people.  But we found a nephew of the stake president who is not a member and is interested in learning English because he is going to America for work. He is very receptive and they told us that if we were passing by during once (or dinner..snacking thing) we could eat what them.. so nice. 
    All of the missionaries were given ....a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawerence E. Corbridge. It is so good and if you can find it, read it. It is not only for missionaries but for everyone. Something that caught my attention it is that the ultimate question is not if we are worthy or obedient because like in the parable of the ten virgins, all were morally clean and obedient, but only five entered into the house of the lord.. the  question we must ask ourselves is..... "Who are we and who will we become?"
    Also another thing, here we walk in the streets alot (all the time) and we talk to people all the time. Set a goal to try and talk to someone every week that you don't know and who you know about not just the gospel but to befriend them. It will help your social skills for one thing, but you will get more friends...;) and that is a good thing... I love you all and remember to always do what Jesus would do. Not to ask yourself ''is this wrong'' but ''is it something Christ would do''. 

Love, Elder Hughes

  " For p-day...we played volleyball at the stake center. 

Lots of fun."  (Nate is setting the volleyball)

"Well we finally have a stove. Home made hashbrowns and an omelet. 
10 times better than cereal and oatmeal"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 5, 2014 "I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in the mission"

6 De Octubre
Wow!!... I would just write about the conference because it was so amazing, but all of you probably know that already. It was so good and I learned so much on how to become a better missionary and a better disciple of Christ. The Greengos (Americans) were about to watch it in English in another room. So I was able to understand all of it;) the priesthood session (because of time difference) was at 9:00 and we didn't get to bed until 12:00.... funny story.... There is a man named Jorge that we have befriended and tried to help. He is a less active and has..... well he has a lot of problems. And sometimes he tries to tell us his life story but of the things he has done and we are like, we dont want to know.. and try to change the subject.  The bishop and a few members are helping him even though he lives in another ward. Well we invited him to conference and the Stake Center to watch it. He was there for a little bit of the saturday afternoon session. Then on Sunday he came, but he was a little loopy (drunk and probably high). It was crazy tryijng to get him settled down in the chapel. He kept going around and saying hi to everyone. So we took him to the room where we were going to watch it in English and he was crying and throwing his phone..... it was a lot of fun. Finally we got a member who has helped him before and she took care of it... all in all, it was a good experience, I guess.

  Our investigators are doing a lot better. There are a few families that we are going ot commit to baptism this week. They are both very interested in the church. Also Patricia Diaz committed to be baptized on the 25 of Oct. We had a wonderful lesson with her about prophets, church and the Book of Mormon, she was in tears by the end and told us that she knows the church is true.!!!! Por Fin..... Finally.. hopefully we can help her continue to have that desire the rest of her life. 

  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here in the mission. I am learning so much and it is such a blessing. I am able to see how important the gospel is and my testimony of it is strengthened when I see it change the lifes of those we teach. There is an essay by a mission president called the Fourth Missionary. It is so good not only for missionaries but for members too. It applies so well. Try and find it on the internet if you can. I am also grateful for the trust that the Lord has for me to teach his gospel to others and to be a member of his church. I am striving to live up to my responsibility as a son of god to help others come unto Christ. I have also learned that this responsibility is not only for missionaries, but for members as well. It is a life long duty...... ´´Predicad Mi Evangelio´´,,,´´Preach my Gospel´´...

With Love
Elder Hughes 
*The fourth missionary Nathan referred to is by Elder Lawrence E.C. of the first quorum of the seventies and it is 29 pages long. Here is a small part of it.
"So, do you see that the question is not only "are you obedient?" nor is it only, "are you worthy?" Rather, the central question, the critical question is "who are you, and who are you becoming?"

In the parable of the ten virgins five are prepared and enter the Lord's presence and five do not. Why does the Lord choose to use the metaphor of "virgins" in this particular parable? Why not ten maids, or ten servants? Why virgins? It is the only time that He employs the characterization of "virgins" in a parable. Is there a reason?

What does virginity imply? Purity. There were ten worthy, pure maidens and yet five did not enter His presence, despite their worthiness. Why not? He said to them: "Verily I say unto you, I know you not." (Matthew 25:12)

Do not misunderstand; obedience and worthiness are crucial, absolutely essential. Worthiness or purity is a quality of godliness, but it is only one quality of godliness. It is not the whole of it. The question may not be merely "are you worthy, pure and clean?" It may not be only "have you been forgiven of your sins?" It may not even be only "were you obedient?" The central question is more likely to be: "Who are you?" Who are you and who are you becoming?"
Missionaries on a "service" project
               Chopping wood for a sister in our ward....Nathan is truly a giant of a man in every way.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 "I love all of you so much!"

 How is the family Paongo? My heart was crushed when I heard about their dad. that is wonderful that the football team did a program for him.
  I am happy to hear that the tennis team is doing well.Thats crazy how much rain has been coming down in Mesquite. It is crazy that Will leaves on wednesday... life is moving too fast. He will do a great job out in the field. The deer hunt sounds like it was a blast. 
  The baptism was so good. Estebans grandma was there and is less active. Hopefully she sees his desire and will gain a desire to return. Esteban told us after the baptism that he feels clean and even told his mom that he would do everything she asks and will be obedient. Claudia started to get emotional after he said that. They are such a special family. Saturday we had two 8 year olds get baptized. Eduardo and Rosio. eduardos grandma nad mom were in active but are re activated now!! he is really shy. Rosio was really excited throughout the whole process. Rosio´s mom is a strong memeber and her dad has been taking missionary lessons for 9 years... after the baptism, Rosio gave her testimony and at the end she got emotional and said that she wants everyone in her family to be baptized. (her dad is the only one not baptized and he was there.)  Estaban's confirmation was really good. i was so nervous and was sweating like crazy. But it was very powerful and i hope everyone could understnad. Thursday we had interviews with President Obeso. He is such and awesome guy and has the love of Christ. You can feel his love for everyone when he walks into the room. 

   Also, i am so excited for general conference!! I have been re reading the talks from last conference and I wish i had studied them more between. But also there is the tallk by Ezra T. Benson called ´´the book of mormon, the keystone to our religion´´. It is so good. ¡¡READ IT POR FAVOR!! he talks about how the family can be strengthened through reading it everyday, children will be more obedient, etc. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and the the power it has to not only start the flame for a testimony for investigators, but also rekindle the flame of a ´´burn-out´´ testimony. Dont triffle with the Book of Mormon!!(read the talk, he talks about trifiling with the book as a member). email me your testimony of the book of mormon after reading the talk. 

I love all of you so much!! here on the mission, you are able to experience the love of Christ for others and it is so powerful to find a random person and to feel a love for them automatically. Moroni 7:47

  Elder Hughes

Estaban's Baptism

The family Hildalgo-Martinez

La Gran Zona Valdivia ! (Interpretation.....they had a  zone conference
 with all the Northern Zones. And a member of the area seventies 
came and spoke)